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  • I got some new boots, wolf jacket, decorative wolf box, a color changing wolf snowglobe, and a new MP3.
    I got to go to bed so I'll talk to you later! :)
    Yes! Long time no see! And Happy New Year! :p
    Going good! Back at school and been already getting a huge load of work. But I'll try not to be so stressed about it.
    And how are you? :)
    Hey Auron, I wish you a early Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! C:

    And nah, don't worry about it! I'm also sorry for not responding to you in a long while as well! I'm usually offline a lot, or briefly appearing, so it happens. Otherwise, I hope you're doing well!

    Anyways, I haven't heard anything about Mobius. Although, that's cool it came out on Android in Japan last year. I wonder if it's come to the US or other countries yet? (I'm so behind on video game news. xD)

    Wow. What manga were you reading in July, if you remember? C: Yeah, it's hard to keep up with manga and anime. I know all about it because, I was watching and reading JoJo Bizarre Adventure, including reading My Hero Academia, Food Wars, World Trigger, and ect. @.@ It's a wonder how I manage to keep going, or not miss an update.
    Yeah, he doesn't know what he's missing! But he's just one of those who likes only what he likes or what his friends like. *sigh* Brothers.
    Aww, yeah my brother doesn't like chibi or Final Fantasy as a whole or anything I like honestly. He doesn't even like anime. :/
    Long time indeed! I've been good lately except today. I've been sick all day today and my mom had to go to the hospital. :(
    I had no idea the update was that bad! :( I heard though that they're planning on adding more features to the app in future updates so that it's more immersive.
    Hahahahahaha technically it's two days a week which sounds like nothing but because it's architecture I end up staying up all night trying to get work done just to go submit the work, get feedback and fix things :((((
    No it's not just you that's how I prefer spending long stretches of time omg...but of course like it's always good to get out of your bubble. just don't get so far out of it that you do something that involves actually working in your free time because it's day 2 and i'm already sincerely regretting doing this fml
    Awww that's so sweet! I get really stressed out when it comes to this line of profession lately, I need all the good wishes I can get :3 That sounds like heaven just about now, I was just doing the same thing a few days ago at my friends house, we marathoned KHI and then Re:COM (the movie version tho)
    Aw no worries Savior :) I'm great, only I got an internship which means I actually have work to do now D: How are you doing?
    I literally JUST saw the Wonder Woman trailer. There's a Justice League trailer? Man, DC is just making movies left and right!
    Yeah, maybe a day or two. Also yard sales are going to start being put up too. I'm definitely going to be busy.
    1. I'm broke and 2. It's the beginning of August right? I'm super busy next month. I'm going to a concert, my sister's baby is due, I'm going to be doing Marching Band, and preparing for school year in September.
    Because I'm really hyped about the movie. Sadly, I won't be seeing it in theaters.
    So yeah, I'm doing good. Except I found out I still have my heart condition, but other than that I'm okay. :)
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