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    Music ► Artists and Genre Suggestions

    I'm not sure if this will get taken down but, I wanna do it anyways. Maybe you guys can suggest some artists you like, as well as some of your favorite genres of Music. I'll be happy to take some suggestions, as well. I'll start: My favorite genres are: -Alternative Rock -Indie Rock...
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    Am I the only who got bored of playing this game?

    I most likely will sound like a monster for saying such a thing but, I'm kind of getting bored of it. I know that there's a lot to go through story-wise but, the gameplay is kind of getting a bit...bland. When I first started playing, I was on my phone non-stop. Now, 5 months later, still at...
  3. TheAuronSavior

    Dream Drop Distance - Happy 4th Anniversary!

    Wow, that's brutal XD. But to be honest, I do think that 3D introduced some plot elements that just seem oddly place, almost like the writers were running out of ideas.
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    Riku, Aqua, and Destiny's Embrace

    Wasn't it when Kairi placed her hand on Aqua's Keyblade that she got it? Or was it that she merely gained the potential to wield one?
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    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    KHDDD KH:BBS KH2 KH Re:COM KH: Re:coded KH: Days KH: COM KH1 The first game is so boring to play through. Probably because I'm used to the more evolved style of the gameplay in more recent titles or anything after KH2.
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    Music ► What are your favorite genres of music?

    A thread like this has most likely existed at some point in time here but, everyone has taste that change. But back to the point, what are your favorite genres? Mines are Art Rock, Alternative Rock, Electronic Rock, Funk Rock and Electronica.
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    The success of NieR: Automata

    Look, I haven't played a Drakengard game for the life of me. But I have seen the reviews for every Drakengard game (that includes NieR, of course) and a lot of critics have very mixed opinions about these games. With that being said, that makes me question: Will the same happen to the new NieR...
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    I have Brave Exvius installed, but...

    What is the game like? I wasn't exactly desperate or hyped to get but I got because, why not? Is it like Record Keeper?
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What do you want to see in KH3? I wanna see probably Wreck-It Ralph. The visual aesthetics and whole background of the setting makes me believe that it's a suitable addition to the line up of worlds.
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    What if Roxas and Namine switched places?

    Why would Namine's name change? I don't really get it....
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    What are some of the worse aspects in the KH series.

    Well, unless they get extremely offended by any level of criticism, then yeah I guess.
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    What are some of the worse aspects in the KH series.

    I feel that the first KH was kind of an exception if you look at worlds like Traverse Town or Wonderland.
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    What are some of the worse aspects in the KH series.

    What do you believe are some of the flaws that all the games in the series pertain to? For me, it would be the lack of cohesion in the plot and how convoluted and all over the place it is. Also,( gameplay wise ) in games after KH2, the removal of equipment really bothered me due to the fact that...
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    Willa Holland Returns As Aqua in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD

    I don't see who else could voice Aqua, to be honest. Her returning (in my opinion) isn't really that big of a deal to me. But, it's still good to see that Willa nails it.
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    Dengeki Interviews Tetsuya Nomura on KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8, KH3

    Well, this is rather exciting! I can't wait for 2.8 to come out, but not before I've replayed all the games.