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  • Yeah, basically a thread where you play Duck duck goose and if someone says goose, the person before them has to do a dare of either avatar, sig, or user title change of the person who calls goose's choice.
    Ahhhhhh!.....It's a dare I have to do to have that pic as my avatar, till Wensday. xD I miss my old avatar, waaaaa!!! Check out the thread, "Duck Duck Goose Dare!" at Forum Games in Forum Insanity and see what has happened to us poor souls. xD
    Time consuming doesn't even begin to describe it!! But unfortunately it's too full of filler quests for me :frown:
    yeah actually, i've just gotten around to installing unchained on my tablet- it's a little stilted from how short the quests are but otherwise surprisingly fun? i was really worried i wouldn't like it. of course it doesn't light a candle to the proper series titles but for the time being it's great for the long wait ahead of us
    I think I've heard of the second one on tumblr or something actually, I might give it a try! these days I'm pretty busy though since I have rugby practice everyday and outings for Ramadan...everyone wants to get together since it's almost over so I don't get that much time to myself lately...I have been watching the latest season of game of thrones if you watch that?
    Noo, I've never gotten into any legit anime series although I have watched almost of Studio Ghibli's movies to date, they're my favorite films ever. What animes would you recommend though?
    Awwh you will God willing, especially if you stick around long enough! Everyone here pretty much has one big thing in common (kh obvs) so you'll always have something to talk about with others :)
    Oh lol it's nothing :) I get where you're coming from, I'm not usually on these boards so often like I am these days so I don't know many people here myself
    Both. I wasn't going to be anywhere near an electronic and my home for a day. So now I'm back. :3
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    Nah, I'm the cruelest person on the site~

    please do not believe that ;A; i am joking ;A;

    Welcome to KHI and I hope you enjoy your time here! If you have any questions I'm always around to answer.
    I usually do use shotlock. Thanks! I'll try to do it later seeing I'm going to go soon for probably 1-3 days. Idk how long I'm going to be gone.
    Not really having trouble, just haven't played Terra in awhile. I was stuck on Braig, but that's because I'm not at a good level and my commands suck.
    Lol. Yeah....... about that. Thanks. xDDDD I'm never satisfied with my avatar. NEVER. I haven't gotten that far with Terra yet, so you lucky. I'm done with Ventus and Aqua though. :3
    Hi Auron, I'm doing fine. How are you? *Pulls curtains from bedroom window* It is a beautiful day outside!
    Sorry, I left on short notice. Helping out with watching my nephew. I have to go. Bye! :D
    Yeah, been an aunt for 6 years. Cool! I was going to play Minecraft. But umm....I'm on my PS3. On the forum. Not the game. I don't have my own computer, only a PS3. Soo, I'm not playing Minecraft at the moment. Lucky you got a PS4, man everyone does! Me: I don't. Oh well. :(
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