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  • Well let's see. I went to an amusement park on the 16th this month, I got a dog tag of Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's, played KH Ux all day yesterday, got Marching Band music in the mail because next month starts Marching Band season, etc. How about you? Anything new for you? :)
    Ah, Glavenus. I just fought my first one. His attack are crazy! His armor makes you look like Optimus Prime too!!
    Hahaha believe it or not that video is still relevant aside some minors changes in Generations such as now being able to hit the monster while a teammate is mounted. Am I up for hunting? AM I UP FOR HUNTING?!?!?!?! Of course ! ^_^ I'd love to hunt, help, or do anything to play. The game's replay value never becomes dull to me.
    The subreddit is very useful. Tons of resources to help figure out the meta. The daily content is quite enjoyable as well.
    Yea no worries. Actually I tried Freedom Unite back when I played the PSP, but it just wasn't for me. When the 3U demo came to the 3DS I immediately fell in love. I guess I just had to give it a second shot haha. Now it's one of my favorite series. Go figure haha. I totally recommend 4U and Gen. They are the most improved games in the series!
    Aww yeaaah! I really got into in with 3U and have loved the series ever since. I enjoy how much depth it has and the crazy crafting system. I frequently visit /r/monsterhunter and I'm on the IRC everyday at ##monsterhunter. You should join!
    It certainly is. A lot of it was spread out between the years. I'm definitely not reading all of it all at once, or that'd be overwhelming to say the least. xD Oh right, I forgot about Dissidia. Crisis Core is one my favorites though. I need to find out what Mobius is because, I keep hearing it around the forum a lot. :3
    I've actually read Naruto and Deadman Wonderland. <3 I haven't tried Tokyo Ghoul, but I've had it recommended to me an awful lot last year. *has too much to do to read it* I'll take your word on it having awesome moments tho. What FF game do you like to play? I'm not surprised about KH. (xD) I haven't played much Fighter games, except when I had the Dreamcast years back. ooh, Silent Hill. I haven't played much horror games besides Resident Evil.

    It's going to be a bit of a long list for manga: Naruto, Bleach, Black Clover, Shokugeki No Soma, World Trigger, Nisekoi, Deadman Wonderland, The World Only God Knows, Beelzebub, Maid-Sama, Black Butler, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Pandora Hearts, Yokuza Quartet. I've read a whole more than this tho. xD I really like Shokugeki No Soma because it's a cooking manga with a shonen theme to it. And One Punch Man is downright awesome with how ridiculous it can be with the main protagonist. Whereas My Hero Academia is really hero themed base. I could go on about the others, but I think I'll save that for another time. If you ever want recommendations feel free to let me know!

    As for video games: FF, KH, Zelda, SSB, MK8, Tales of the Abyss, Assassins Creed 1&2 and Undertale. Mostly Undertale is my favorite right now. <3
    What kind of manga do you like to read, Auron? Any games in particular you like to play? :3 Even so, it's fun to do the things you like!
    Hey Auron!

    I'm doing good, thank you for asking. :) How're you?

    It's been going well, keeping cool inside the house on hot days like this. I've mostly been keeping up with reading stuff on the forum, or working out each day, while playing games, and doing the usual household chores or yard work. Nothing really new or exciting going on with me until a few weeks from now, I'll be going to a Disturbed concert. <3 How're things with you? Anything new with ya?
    Not so great, lost internet. Sorry I haven't said anything in awhile. I'm still going to be silent cause only my mother's laptop has internet. Going to fix problem soon hopefully!
    Haha, lol. Have fun cause after this avie I have I'm done playing that for awhile. xD
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