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  • Uh, it's okay. Addictive in contrast to the lack of significant features. And considering the issues with the recent update, a lot of people were troubled by it, which is resulting in a loss of traction. But when it first released, I guess it was worth the hype....till now.
    Considering the fact you're working in that field, I'd say a lot of work should be expected. Just make sure you make it out alive XD.
    When you're me, activities like that are quite mundane since I don't get out much. I've only been out once or twice to play Pokemon Go XD.
    Oh wow, congratulations! I hope that you use that expierence to pursue something of your interest someday :D. But anyways, I'm doing fine. I haven't done much other than sitting around, playing my ReMIX titles, or going out to play some Pokemon Go.
    Nah, I don't. Shows like that haven't really been my thing. Although, I do watch a few episodes of The Walking Dead.
    I'd recommend watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Tokyo Ghoul. Both of them are favorite anime series of all time. In the case you watch both seasons of Tokyo Ghoul, read the manga as there a lot of things that contrast story wise.
    Thanks for accepting my friend request! I hope that we can talk often sometime. I know it seems spontaneous but, I want to make as much friends as possible, so I hope you understand.
    Tbh, takes a while to get used to it. Plus there are a lot of things to keep track of, like jewels, Avatar coins, materials, medals and whatnot- in the beginning it to me some time to try and figure out how everything connects and why we need what for what- but once you get used to that, and once you maybe join a party with your friends, it starts to get fun. xD Plus it's super fun to dress up your avatar!
    I had the memory issue too, I had to transfer all my pictures onto Drive and do some other weird stuff to get hold of the game before it actually released in the UAE store. Took me about half the day but here we are! Have you started playing it yet?
    Right? I had forgotten myself until I saw you post and I remembered we had that conversation. xD How have you been?
    Hey, how are you? xD Don't know if you remember me but we had a chat a few months back about Middle Eastern gaming. xD
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