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  • I read it off IMBD right now but it looks like it's still in pre-production
    It's these tests we gotta take in the Dominican Republic that gets us into high school next year, if we pass that is
    Yeah it looks rockin'! :D
    That's what'll get me to high school next year if I pass
    Trying to find some XD But I don't read poems often
    What about you?
    I like Literature, Volleyball, marshmallows, comics, the news, RPG games, history, salads, ect.
    But I dislike French and Science. What do you dislike?
    Eh I get a bit over-apologetic at times
    So what kind of things are you into?
    well ask again saying what I told you to say
    Your cool, I like you

    Join my fanclub and tell them I sent you because I am a loser and nobody joins unless I tell them to
    Make sure you say that ok?
    Fishman glad you hit premium. Good username change.

    Funny though, the second I get rid of the "The" in my username, everyone gets it lol

    Were cool because be arent Spoiler and Fishman, were THE Spoiler and THE Fishman. It makes us more official :D
    Shoulda been "The Spoonman"

    Oh well. The new name's nice.

    Random compliments, over.
    Used your formula. Might be wrong but ah fuck it :D
    because she loves to see us fail

    thanks i did the final one on my own.
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