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  • Well, someone changed my name from Watson to Nowhere Man. So... yep, I guess I was Watson.

    Your signature is still really creepy though. Got to respect a good abomination of life, you know.
    I know we have not gotten off to a good start... or talked in a year. However, I feel obligated to say this;

    Your signature is absolutely terrifying.

    I will assume you were going for that, and commend you on your skills at terrifying people. Bravo. *clapclap*
    Has anyone ever told you that the .GIF in your signature is a creepy abomination?
    If so, then I'd just like to reinforce that thought.
    Ah, so you have to make sure the image you are using fits into the 150x150 pixel range because if you try to have an image bigger than that KHI automatically resizes, which doesn't really work with animated gifs.

    So if you resize it, and upload it it should work. And if you are like me who has problems with resizing and the loop not working, there is this nifty site!

    Free Online Image Editor
    Yeah, that was a great conversation. That show (and still is) awesome.

    And you taught me how to do the spacing trick to avoid the 25 characters rule.
    Hi αsiя its been forever hasn't it? You still manage to cause much epic win within your many posts.

    In case you don't remember me due to my username, it used to be The Paladin and was later made into just Paladin.
    D: I keep wanting to ask you who the girl is because she looks insanely familiar...

    so who is it.
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