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  • Yes, a ferocious beast
    I know, I'm like a ferocious beast.

    Just another day that so happened to have been YOUR BIRTHDAY
    I dont have a ps3 or xbox360, so I havent been able to play that. Sadly I just got a wii :/ Been kicking ass online on Super Smash Bros Brawl tho. lol You should check that SSBB thread on here, no one can take me. I just came thru and took over.

    I need to get a 360 or ps3, hell maybe both soon when this new job kicks in. I'll be sure to get SSF4 when I get one.
    Hey, its been a lil while, how ya been? I see you got Dudley as your avi XD Street fighter III is my fav street fighter! I remember when I was 14 getting the 15th anniversity street fighter collection game with all the SF2 versions and SF3 along with the SF2 movie. Good times. Seeing your avi makes me want to go and play it.
    Awesome. You should add me to MSN or whatever so I can have another person on my list I've been meaning to talk more to but never actually do :D
    Ric, sometime within the next week or so, we should do a podcast on sports. Like, you me and niggajoe
    Oh really? I didn't have to. Well which one is it? I'll reupload it on sendspace or mediafire or something.
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