• Spoiler tag your spoilers, please. That includes all unknown content from the DLC that was not shown in trailers or discussed in pre-release interviews.

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  • Have you had any strange Kingdom Hearts dreams? I had a dream the other night about Axel and Aqua being in the place where you fought Xemnas at the end of KHII. Axel somehow was in the position when he died and I saw him fading into white light. Weird?
    Hey Sword-Saint, wanna be friends? I think that your a funny and nice guy, so accept my Friend Request or die. Bye SS!
    Is your username a reference to Count Cidolfus Orlandeau of the Order of the Southern Sky in Final Fantasy Tactics? One of my favorite games. I have actually beaten it 100%. But now, I am hacking it through Lioneditor and FFPatcher. Get this: I am hacking it and making an Organization 13 Party. If it isnt a reference to tactics then sorry I gave you this useless information,lol.
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