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  • I reeeaaaaaaaally wish Viz Media would pick up the license for it. I want to be buy the anime so badly.
    I can sort of understand why. Introducing those two here would also upset just as many people as there were when ripples went out the window and stands got introduced. I'd like it, but it's probably not gonna happen with those two.

    But oh gawd. Those covers on my shelf, hnggg do want.
    Sadly, neither do I ;~; I reaaaaaaaally would do anything for a physical release of Diamond is Unbreakable. Hell, even Phantom Blood. Anything. I just want one of the other parts to come over here.

    Really? I'd be entirely fine if they skipped to Steel Ball Run. I'd LOVE to purchase a physical copy of it.
    From here on out, in Jojolion, I plan to focus on the Higashikata family in more detail. But it won't be linked to Part 4 in any way. People keep asking me when Kishibe Rohan will appear, so let me answer that question: he won't. (LOL) That is absolutely set in stone. Another weird mangaka will appear, though.

    From Araki's interview in the game guide. OH BOOOOOOOY
    I don't know what the easter egg is, but somebody said something happens if you Time Stop with Dio and walk as far back as you can and use his kick that leads into his knife super.
    The soundtrack is mindblowing. I only dislike a few tracks, other than that everybody has awesome themes. Jonathan's theme especially, imo.
    Oh god, finally subtitles for that. That's hilarious as hell, I love that they incorporated one for everybody.
    I know, ugh. Even if the names are censored, I'll take any JoJo media we can get over here.
    I knew if it came to Europe I'd be importing it. Now, knowing there's a possibility at an NA release (and a bunch of DLC), I'll wait just a bit to hear Namco's statement on it here. If there's not much news for a little while after Europe gets announced, I'm importing from there. The story mode may suck, but I can't pass up this masterpiece of JoJo media.
    I know, oh my goooood. Fugo, Iggy, Fatty as DLC. That's a great start for some DLC. AND FUCKING BAOH. It's awesome we got Baoh as a guest character, I was literally on chapter 1 when I saw him and that just got me so god damn excited at the end for such an awesome surprise at just the right time.

    Somebody dug into the files and found a few interesting things. First, notably, two folders: NA and EU. I think we both know what that may mean.

    Secondly, and just as interesting, a list of characters that should end up as DLC. Fugo, Kira, Iggy, and Fatty are all listed. Along with that is Lisa Lisa, Annasui, VANILLA ICE, AAAAAND OLD JOSEEEEEEEPH.

    So yeah. Most of my wants for a sequel have ended up DLC. I really don't care, I'm happy. It's just strange all of the DLC characters have ended up in all of the most populated parts of the series aside from Annasui. I expect Diego Brando to be announced for an 8th PV. CyberConnect stated all of this DLC has been in the making since the game finished and stuff, so there's supposedly more in store.
    You should be watching Uchouten Kazoku though. Starts out a bit slow (well, the pace in general is slow), but give it a few episodes and it gets to some really thoughtful stuff.
    Yeah, I honestly doubt we'll see a proper story mode for it until a few games down the line for this. That game had flipping 500k preorders alone, so I doubt there's much room to think there wouldn't be one.

    Most videos of it are being taken down currently, but we should see some stuff soon on how exactly stuff looks in-game. It also appears a couple alts aren't too different(Kira, Bruno) because they didn't have much stuff to work with to change for them.

    Surprisingly, Jotaro's isn't his Part 4/5 OR Part 6 outfit. It's just.. browner. Kinda disappointing there, but everything else is looking pretty amazing for any JoJo fan. I guess all the negative news had to flood out first, given we had nothing but good news for awhile.
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