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  • JoJo All Star Battle - Menus and stuff - V?deo Dailymotion

    4:44. My. God. I love how this game is turning out.

    Also, apparently the game's story mode is a little disappointing in just being mostly visual-novel like, but the game itself seems to be pretty neat. Some alts also kinda don't look very different from others.

    Despite that, the amount of easter eggs in the actual gameplay is supposedly stunning. I was clicking through about 5-6 different faces I saw from the slow motion punch from Giorno, and trust me, they're great. I can't wait for this game to hit Europe so I can import it.
    I did see it. A few months ago, I believe. Extremely heartfelt and emotional film. You definitely don't see a werewolf movie like that every day. Absolutely adored seeing the characters grow up, and it's one of those films where I was kinda sad not to see more, since I wanted to know more about what happened to the two.

    Some absolutely stunning scenes too. The winter scenes? Too good. And that scene where the father died? Man, that just straight hurt.
    I think Abdul and Stroheim were basically there so people could be like "OMG, NEW UNIVERSE AND THEY'RE HE-oh."

    But yeah, this game series has a limitless amount of people to add to new versions. Naruto games still need to wait for things to get ahead to add more, or they add a bunch of side characters people really don't give much of a damn about. This game though.. wow. They did amazing for what they could fit into a first version.

    Also, I was incorrect. 1 character is DLC, another isn't.
    God, yes. I'd want him if they could do his moveset properly though, he could be done pretty well or really, really blandly.

    Know who else would actually be great, now that you mention them? BLACKMORE.

    By the way, I was thinking recently and something blew my mind. There wasn't a single counterpart to Hol Horse in Steel Ball Run. Ain't that bullshit?
    I'm expecting Diego, and do kind of hope for him so long as it's Scary Monsters. I'm doubtful we'll get any more Battle Tendency or Stardust Crusaders reps for DLC, the two characters left are supposedly DLC, meaning the one we're talking of. I'm expecting Stone Ocean and Steel Ball Run reps.

    I just really hope this game gets another version released at a later date like the Naruto games. This game has so many potential additions for a roster. Stroheim, Lisa Lisa, Vanilla Ice, Old Joseph/Iggy(I like imagining them as one character), Yukako, Anasui, Weather Report.

    Could go on for awhile, but I think we can both agree Wekapipo or Ringo Roadagain would be awesome. Oh, and Ringo Roadagain is one of the announcers/voice options.
    I swear this game has some of the most hype trailers I've ever seen for a fighting game ever. Valentine looks AMAZING. And get this. There's still one more character on the way, according to V-Jump.
    Sad enough, a few others are still out of print, and volume 8 just went out on amazon. Dammit.

    I don't have enough money anyways. All my spare entertainment money is about to get spent on Dragon's Crown ;~;
    That's pretty much my favorite part of his character so far, in-game. That was a genius idea for a move. It's absolutely UNREAL how much detail the game has if you look. His block animation is the same position he was standing in when he was pushing back the bike stand, if you pay attention.

    Did you see his walk-back cycle?
    Jo2uke's animations will make it worthwhile to watch. Trust me. His walking animations actually made me laugh when I saw them given how hilariously odd - like him - they are and fitting.

    Eh, yeah. I still would be okay with seeing him as a character from what I've seen him do thus far into Stone Ocean. I won't ask for many other characters until there's a second ASB game(hopefully), but I do know I want Vanilla Ice, Diego Brando, Stroheim, Iggy, and a few others slipping my mind right now.

    It does seem possible that Anasui and another Part 6 character could be secrets though. We are getting one final PV in August, so there's always the chance.
    Stroheim, Weather Report, Anasui. That's all I'll ask for before making further requests.

    And somehow I doubt Old Joseph being his alt. I can see him being added in for future releases if they do one like the Naruto (which they certainly will, given this game's immediate popularity).

    Watch ASB if you get the chance. The AI stuff sucks, but watching the Great Heat Attacks are AMAZING. So far we've seen a few characters, but my favorites hands down are Buccellati, Jotaro, and Jo2uke. Jo2uke's oraora is really strangely looped though. Still amazing to see him animated and voiced, his animations are incredibly hilarious.
    Naw, naw. Everybody is playable. That's why PB Dio and Pucci got thrown into the final bracket for ASB League. They're both playable. Pucci even is with all three of his stands(still reading Stone Ocean, it's been PRETTY DAMN AWESOME) all playable in one character.

    As for the other Kira, he's sort of just a shoe-in at this point. He was shown in an older PV as just an alternate costume, but I guess they realized they needed to have a version of him that wasn't DLC. So we've got that version sort of. Dunno what Kira's alternate outfits will be then.

    Cyberconnect did say everybody will have alts, and I believe I've heard they're all unlockables. Not sure if that last part is true, but if it is I fucking love them. The roster has almost everybody it needs already, minus a few missing characters. But if we have unlockable outfits instead of DLC, I'll be mindblown. I still have to import from Europe though :C
    I hear ya. The only other series that I loved next to Biscuit Hammer was and still is Iris Zero, which bears some similarities to Qualia except almost everyone has a different way of perceiving the world and people (calling it a 'filter' fits in more). Too bad the artist is on hiatus due to an illness for now, but I just hope she gets better for the time being.
    Agreed, that fight was stellar and their chemistry throughout the series made it even better. So you own the Japanese volumes and can read them? I'm so jelly ;-;

    Sweet, feel free to let me know what you think of it later.
    Man, Biscuit Hammer's ending was so well done. What did you like about the series as a whole in general? A little too hard to choose since I liked just about everything about it. Favorite Beast Knight is a pretty difficult too, but I think I'd lean a bit more towards the Snake Knight and Yuuhi.

    Also, if you happen to have some free time on your hands, I'd really recommend reading the Qualia the Purple manga. Was immediately hooked by end of the first volume and continues to be a pretty awesome psychological thriller with the direction of the story so far. Be very aware of spoilers and tags though. Warning, they bring up scientific theories that need some close and careful paying attention to, even my mind is still processing some of it. lol
    Btw, off the top of your head what was the most memorable ending(or endings if you have a hard time choosing) you can think of out of every anime you've watched so far?
    It ends up taking itself seriously near the end, but.. not in a serious way. It's hard to describe it. It feels like some of the holes in the plot are there almost on purpose later. I dunno, I typically hate harems but I got a few good laughs out of this one.

    And yeah, good to know I'll have somebody to chat about Monster with when I'm finished then, haha.
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