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  • I actually liked Kore wa Zombie desu ka. I've only watched it dubbed, but the dub is hilarious. I plan on buying the second season when it comes out this fall. They even added jokes into it that weren't there before, even commenting on how a pun translated perfectly.

    And no, I love the dub in fact. Liam o'Brian doesn't seem like a fitting Tenma at first, but he plays the character pretty damn well from as far as I've gotten in. I started the dub around episode 15 or so though. Liebert is Ansem Seeker of Darkness (Richard Epcar I believe), so he's kinda a good choice here. Liebert's japanese voice is still my favorite take on it though. But still, give the dub a shot. It's not bad at all.
    Little Witch Academia 2 by Studio TRIGGER — Kickstarter

    Hasn't even been a day, and they've already almost reached their goal (at the time of this writing), lol
    I plan on eventually buying the entire series, it's just a matter of finding them all. Good luck finding the rest, it's a bitch to find out-of-print copies that are about a price they should be. It's weird that amazon says some copies are having more on the way, but 2 still isn't. Dunno, you can still hope.

    And yeah, it's really blowing hard knowing we won't see it for awhile, if at all. I hated Highschool DxD and it's gotten dubbed. So many crap shows get localized, still gonna have to wait awhile to see if it gets picked up.

    It's season 2 of Medaka Box. It basically starts to make the series more about fictional elements like magical abilities and shit. It's basically a complete genre shift from the old series, very strange but I'm liking it so far.

    And I recommend dub. Sadly you'll have to torrent if you want the dub. Viz removed it from Itunes and it never got completely released on DVD. It's crap, but it's the only way to see the dub if you want it.
    I just ordered volume 12 really cheap on amazon earlier. I had just enough gift card money left to buy it, so I went for it. Especially since I accidentally skipped that when I read it. Excited to see the fight with Pet Shop. Some are out of print like volume 2 though :/
    I want to buy the manga new and stuff to support the release, it just sucks that Viz isn't going to do anything with the series now. I'd KILL for a release of Diamond is Unbreakable. I'd even pay for god damn Phantom Blood. Anything.

    And yeah, holy shiiiiit. I want somebody to pick up JoJo's anime, and it blows my mind nobody has done it yet. The fanbase has a relatively average size outside of Japan, but it's a very supportive fanbase that's pretty much willing to snatch up just about anything they can for the series. The wait for a dub is killing me right now for the series. I just want to support it in any way that I can.

    And I'll get right on Beelzebub after I clear through Medaka Box Abnormal in the next day or two. I need some good laughs, because after it I'm going to start back up with Monster like I really should have a long time ago.
    I reaaaaaally need to catch up on Beelzebub. Last I saw was Oga replacing an actor on the stage production of a kids show and it was HILARIOUS. I've heard the series has had some major developments take place with Furuichi(my favorite character), so I definitely need to check it out. And yeah, I'm trying to buy more anime to support the industry over here in the west. I've already got 60$ put back incase JoJo's ever gets a release over in America, and another 40$ for the release of Attack on Titan early next year. Speaking of local Togashi works, apparently Viz Media stated that they were going to buy the license to HXH to dub it but somebody had beaten them to it, though we still don't know who. So yet another series that seriously has my support in the west.
    Yup, haha. I can't wait for next week's episode. Knuckle has been one of my favorite characters to pop up as of late. I've always been a fan of the delinquint who can't control his temper though, but still seems to not live up to the reputation he wants. Beelzebub and Yu Yu Hakusho made that grow on me pretty hard. And I did sort of realize lately that Diamond is Unbreakable reminds me a LOT of Yu Yu Hakasho. Just mix around traits of Kuwabara and Yusuke and you've got Josuke and Okuyasu in a similar setting. Oh, and there's a dead girl in both who needs help, lol. Just ordered Yu Yu Hakusho's first season on BD recently, first animu I've bought on disc in years. Completely slipped my mind it's a work of Togashi's until a few minutes ago, so the Kuwabara/Knuckle connection seems so much more obvious now, lmao.
    Wow, didn’t know Madhouse was going to work on Diamond Is Unbreakable! I bet that reference hasn’t been made a million times already! Amusingly enough, Knuckle Bine’s seiyuu, Wataru Takagi, is voicing Josuke Higashikata’s main buddy, Okuyasu Nijimura, in JoJo All-Star Battle. Everything comes full circle! (Meanwhile, Josuke Higashikata’s seiyuu, Wataru Hatano, is voicing Shaiapouf! It’s a small world.)

    Found this on a blog to confirm my suspicions. This is a fantastic casting choice, right here. Knuckle looks like a combination of Josuke and Okuyasu, only fitting, haha.
    And with those trademark facial expressions:
    So I hear you like Shaft along with Shinbo right?
    Bakemonogatari Director Shinbo, SHAFT Make Nisekoi TV Anime - News - Anime News Network

    While the main plot of the manga right now may be going along a little more slowly than most expect, I definitely don't think it's lacking in the comedy aspect. Really happy to see Naoshi's work getting adapted. Still gotta read Duble Arts.
    I like the idea of trying to make an entirely separate story, but this one just simply wasn't all that interesting so far. I like Diavolo as a villain, but he's again, not nearly as interesting as, say, Valentine or Kira. Vento Aureo's main problem has just been the lack of defining the characters in the party.

    You really can't say there's many fundamental differences in personality between Abbachio, Buccellati, Fugo, and Giorno. They all just seem like the same characters reskinned. Narancia and Mista have actually been some pretty decent characters.

    Speaking of which, OH MY GOD NARANCIA ;~~~;
    Yeah, Koichi's hair color - as I'd imagined it - was always blonde. Now we know it's blue and all and I'm not sure which I'd like to take as the canon one, but no matter. The game does a great job of showing that people can take whichever they like.

    And I've finally seen the character. Polnareff is literally the last person I'd ever expect to show up, that is freaking awesome. Kinda sad seeing him get crippled, but at the same time it's awesome to see he's showing up at least. This part needed some sort of relevant figure from older ones that wasn't Koichi. I'm almost done with Vento Aureo, should finish within the hour. It's definitely the weakest part I've read excluding Phantom Blood.

    It's typical in this series that the protaganist of each part doesn't seem to fight as much as some of the side characters (Buccellati has fought way more than Giorno it appears), but wow. Giorno's barely even been relevant to anything going on AT ALL. The fact he's Dio's son isn't relevant in the least.
    There's an incredible amount of detail. When you use Giorno's Slow Motion Punch on Jonathan, he crams his thumb into Jonathan's eye the entire time like Dio did. If you use Dio's road roller move on Jotaro, he'll punch punch back at it once it falls on top of him. It's little details like that. Plus we have alternate outfits that aren't DLC with colors. Apparently the customization also has depth, possibly going into removable items and our very own color choices.

    I'm getting the feeling that Johnny or George's corpse may be the other half of Josuke. That, or that baby that sort of looks like Part 4 Josuke.

    And HOLE. EE. SHIT. That 5 page session of Giorno beating the shit out of Cioccolatta was satisfying. And I was always hoping we'd see Giorno WRY, and I finally got to see it. That was actually the best part so far of Vento Aureo.
    I really, really wish Viz would find some way to bring over Diamond is Unbreakable. I'd buy every single volume they released of further JoJo's stuff.

    And yeah, we're getting a series of battles called All-Star Battle League. This is the one I watched yesterday.
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle League - DIO vs. Jonathan, Buccellati vs. Josuke - YouTube
    Should be a new one sometime.

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion 22 - Read JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion 22 Online - Page 1
    Hohoho, I'm jelly. I recently noticed on amazon that thing was actually translated. I'm gonna buy that sometime soon, tell me how you think it is!

    I'm 5 volumes from finishing Vento Aureo. Doppio has to be like, the funniest character I've seen in the entire series thus far. I entirely understand his intro in the latest preview for All-Star Battle and it's perfect. Speaking of which, we've gotten full gameplay segments lately and they're gorgeous. Check 'em out if you get the chance, it actually has a little bit of depth to it.

    I'm also assuming the man who spoke on the computer to the characters is the 'returning character.' Not a clue who it is still, but I'm still excited. I love when characters return from older parts in this series.
    It's interesting to see the corpse come back into play. It's almost sure it has to be the cause of the walleyes. And I'd really love it if Josuke reappeared in the next part, he's my favorite protagonist so far, seconded by the other Josuke. This part is turning out to be my favorite as well.

    I think JoJo's works better as a story in a setting like school where just random things can happen and a story can develop, whereas Vento Aureo you sort of get annoyed they aren't just straight to the goal they constantly keep reminding themselves of. Probably why I've enjoyed Diamond is Unbreakable so much thus far.
    It's crazy. I was literally thinking chapters before it "Y'know, it's nice Johnny actually lived and had a nice life after SBR." NOPE. It's really awesome to finally see two arcs really be closely drawn together like this, I've always wanted that in JoJo's.

    I really didn't expect to see the corpse at all, by the way. I thought JoJolion would entirely alienate itself from it.
    Nope. I didn't even know there was a reappearing character. Are they from Vento Aureo or an older part? If it's an older part gonna go ahead and guess Koichi.

    By the way, I caught up on JoJolion last night. Have you read chapter 22? I know you liked Steel Ball Run, so I'm sure this chapter certainly means something to you.
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