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  • god dammit.. you're making me realize how empty my jojo life is right now. ;~; I WILL SERIOUSLY PUT 1000 HOURS INTO ALL-STAR BATTLE, IF NOT MORE. I WILL HIT THE TOP ON THE LEADERBOARDS, DAMMIT!
    Apparently those are the correct ways to spell Esidisi, Kars, and Wammu according to some data/art books. Interesting that all the names we've seen so far aren't censored.. yet. I really, really hope Crazy Diamond stays uncensored.
    i.. i'm too jealous. far too jealous. I assume you saw the names the Pillar Men have received then, haha.
    Blue Exorcist/Darker Than Black's Okamura Helms Sekai Seifuku TV Anime - News - Anime News Network

    Seems pretty interesting. So far I'm getting the impression it could be a Samurai Flamenco: Evil Villains Edition
    Um, no clue, the subs for Third Exhaust were centered, lol.

    Idk if it's the player, but seeing as how they fixed k-lite codec pack a while ago, I've been using that one. So if you're using a different one, maybe that's the issue.
    Different kind of intense, lol

    I don't know when they plan to release the third film in America :(
    The first half of the film kinda plays out like the second movie, and the second half plays out a bit like the first movie.

    But just in general there are a lot of powerful moments and cool visuals (you will not see a more intense game of blackjack in anime).
    Oh wow, and as I look at another torrent, I realize that it includes the subs released with the movie.

    NyaaTorrents >> [QTS] Mardock Scramble Complete Version The First Compression + The Second Combustion + The Third Exhaust (BD H264 1280x720 AAC 5.1ch SUP-JE)

    Hype commencing.
    I'm so sorry! It's just so dandy ;A;

    If it makes you feel better, I have a test and any last minute review I was going to do has been cancelled because of this song!
    Yep, man people speculate it's to get ready for a Stardust Crusaders arc. I can't wait to read that announcement. It seems unreal we'd get a true anime for it finally.

    And the ones I read were the subs off of the blurays, so yeah. I'd definitely give it a go. It was extremely entertaining.
    I really haven't heard of any SBR characters. I'm surprised they jumped to the characters with the most parts already for DLC, if anything. We've still got the possibility of later DLC though that isn't in the data yet.

    And yeah. I'm sure this series will end up like Ninja Storm where tons of characters are thrown into each version if this one gets an expansion. I've no doubt that we could get a properly amazing story mode like the Ultimate Ninja series gets after they put in enough characters to each part to make it worth playing. Each part could at LEAST get 2 more characters. Phantom Blood could still add Tarkus and Bruford if anything.

    By the way, have you watched the blurays of Phantom Blood? I don't know if they edit a bunch more than the drawings, but I've fallen in love with it. Something is vastly different this time around that made it incredibly enjoyable or I just didn't realize how much I liked it.
    Hyyyyyype for Joseph. Lisa Lisa's also cool I suppose, but god damn I love Joseph. It'd be hilarious but sad if he got an alternate costume for Part 4 Joseph. This game's gotten awesome support that completely makes up for the story IMO. Fugo was made free because of the infinites and support of the game from people, it's gotten regular patches, AND we've gotten UNLOCKABLE COSTUMES. This is all I could ever want in a JoJo game.

    Rumor has it the guy that voiced Tojo in Beelzebub will be playing Vanilla Ice.
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