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    WHOA! :D I thought you were a zombie or something...Wait a minute... Zombies can still use computers. Are you a zombie? TELL ME THE TRUTH!!!

    How's it goin? :p
    im not so sure >:)
    yup cut it from a manga then added the words so everyone can know that they can go fuck themselves.
    well as least u can still play kingdom hearts lol. guessing your a kingdom hearts fan?
    Well you can't stay with doing the same thing for all your life ... change is inevitable .... So what was your reaction to when Toonami went down?
    Yeah, I can't even run a foot right now, the muscle is really tightly constricted.

    :D Of course, I'm drawing a bunch of tanks trying too make each one better and better. Right now I'm trying ones with wheels and thrusters, I'm aiming too make the tank be able too achieve momentary flight.
    One Piece is pretty good, (though I have to wait for the speakers to either get fixed or replaced before I can even listen to it) Naruto isn't bad neither (though I don't find myself watching it that much)
    DX no harry potter, up til i was 16 all i heard was "you look like a red haired harry potter"
    mofos >:3
    I twisted the muscle in right calf, so I can't do cross country this year.

    Other than that I'm trying too draw the most awesome tank ever made. A tank that's better than the LandMasterTank :D
    ikr !
    haha. that was so funny.
    but she was so sick.
    i felt bad. lilly, chrissy, alex, thomas, and jay say hi.
    ohh and Julia. the baby.
    wait -- have you met julia yet ??
    Hello .

    What's goin on?
    T_T dont glot.
    i hate ti here and i cant even afford to move, maybe if im lucky ill just disappear.
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