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    Yeah, it has been a long time ^_^;
    I've been great, really busy as usual. How about you?
    It's fine, no need to worry ^_^
    I've been focusing on college applications,school and other stuff, basically, I'm busy 24/7. Though, I do have a bit free time here and there.
    ZOMGdlahl;theo;ijtg;aengo[eingo!!!!!!! your alive!?

    silly games!? *is hurt* T^T

    im fine tho according to brain age im a math retard...damn game why's it so right DX
    you need to get it! lol my psp broke so no more aqua for me T^T
    Such a short answer T^T My nightmare.
    Hmm.... .

    You play sports, right?
    D: I bet he didn't wash his hands :/

    You read anything lately? Aside from schoolbooks and stuff.
    D: A cold? Did some obnoxious kid at school give it to you?

    I'm doing well, school started for me last week. I have a LOT of homework already -_- But it's nothing I can't handle.
    Oh, hey :) Haven't seen you in awhile.

    How have you been?
    Ohhhh.... Wait a minute... You would kill me? D: You're frightening.
    D: Don't joke like that. I remember last year when she got herself injured rushing home on her bike. I think she twisted her ankle back then. The worst part is that she wasn't wearing a helmet, she was lucky that she didn't hit her head.

    I'm glad to hear that she's not injured :) It takes a LOT of the worry away.
    0.0 What is I Love you but then I'd have to kill you about? I think I can guess...
    The KH manga is funny :) I like how Marluxia repeats the same line over and over. And the organization battles are funny XD I like the ones with Axel.
    Erm... You recently saw YoYo right? She didn't have any injuries or anything did she? I know how clumsy she can be... It always worries me.
    Wednesday? Well that's not that bad, at least you don't have a full week next week :)

    I meant tonight...

    You read any good books lately?
    Hello :D

    You start school next week right?

    How long are you going too be on? Just wondering...
    Oh good :) I'm happy too hear that. I was getting worried about her.
    She's always busy it seems.
    Oh, alright bye....
    You got it :p
    The Kairi one.... It seems too suit you better, Plus it looks nicer than the one with Sora getting beaten up.
    BTW, I haven't actually talked too YoYo in a bit. She has been busy making an RP which I joined so that I could support her idea :)

    But umm.... How is she doing?
    NVM, I was talking about the sig you had for about 3 minutes. I recognized it from another person's signature :p Believe it or not people on here take offense too having the same sig. But don't worry about it ^ ^

    Hmm... That's tough, one has Sora getting beaten which is a major plus. While the other one looks really nice.... I would go with the one on the right.
    Oh, okay...

    You might want too change your signature. People on here are touchy about their signatures...
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