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    YoYo does the same thing, she apologizes for stuff that isn't her fault or that she doesn't need too apologize for.

    If I don't I might do permanent damage to someone. Unfortunately for him I'm not easily mugged, he's gonna have to train his mugging skills to get me.

    I guess a bit, but I take all advanced and AP classes so I end up having to do a lot of work during school.
    No need to apologize ^^

    I hit him pretty hard, luckily I pulled my punch. *throws avatar back in avatar box* It's still menacing though D:

    I have five more weeks :D And my vacation started when yours did :D
    W-Why are you laughing D:

    *avatar tries mug me and I punch it* Look here it's true *holds up knocked out avatar*

    Either way I don't like them staring or potentially following -_-

    How long do you have until school starts?
    :D Oh, then I can wait for that...

    D: I don't think I did! *avatar cell door swings open*

    Stupid pedos hanging out at the library :/ If you want to get her one then find the adapter (she re-obtained it from the trash) and the information on how to order should be on the power button. Please do, I would knock them on the ground myself but I'm too far away... Do any of them look dangerous?
    But I want to know now D: At least tell me something about it.

    But I saw him with a key just like that. D:

    Really? Do you know if she's called and ordered a new adapter yet? The sooner the better... I just don't want one of those pedos becoming a stalker and following her home or something. No wonder she would only log on for five minutes sometimes...
    Hmm... I have patience, but now I'm curious though....

    What if he gets out and does cause mayhem? How are you going to handle him? :D

    Oh, how many creepy pedos have you noticed? I don't like the idea of YoYo logging on at it because I'm sure that they look at her -_-

    D: Now you're making me worried... is it bad news?

    But you still own him and have to take responsibilty. :D

    How are logging on when her adapter is broken?
    True :) I just to keep myself alive for her though.

    Oh, She did? Okay, I'll be waiting...

    But he's your avatar you have to take responsibility for his actions.

    I know -_-
    pfft, if your not going to do it for me (and by extent take the fall) then lets just forget it >:D
    yes you should!
    i wanted to but she wouldnt tell me the friends email and i thought you were dead but your not and you can do it for me >:)
    She kind of knows, but she doesn't know how severely bad my luck is. Last week, the speedometer in my car broke D:

    The more painful the hug the bigger it is ^^ I wouldn't be friends with that type of guy either. YEAH :D Next summer, I'm moving all the way to California for her, I've just got to save up money and plan out how I move. I'm going all the way from the east coast to the west coast. How is it surprising?

    But you chose the avatar though, he reminds of the type I end up hitting.

    I promised her that I would if she forgave him, I keep my word. And besides if she was talking to someone that she knows that I dislike she might not be able to enjoy herself.
    i thought you'd be dead!
    holy hell *gives you skittles* so how is your summer in hell? :D

    oh and i heard of her bet, you should tell her friend to make her read all the books and watch the movies!
    Oh yeah, how are you logging on with YoYo's adapter being broken?
    YoYo doesn't know just how often I get into a dangerous situation. Mainly because I neglect to mention them... If she knew the true amount then she might spend all her time worrying.

    But she likes giving you bruises :D You should just think of each bruise as a hug. It doesn't bother me really, doubt I would've gotten along with him. I was born with my personality so we definitely wouldn't have gotten along. That's good, when she is sad I always feel guilty because I'm not actually there :( That's why I'm moving next summer :D

    If your avatar comes up and tries to mug me I'm holding you accountable. :D

    Oh that, that's a long time ago. Basically Restricted overreacted and unfriended all three of us. Then I got angry at him because of the way he treated YoYo who didn't deserve to be unfriended... and in the end he apologized to her and I forgave him, but Anagram still doesn't like him. Actually, I stilll don't like him, but I promised YoYo that if he apologized to her that I would forgive him. So now I have to talk him -_-

    and yea, will you have to move between the two parents or do you know what's going to happen? Dx
    Except instead of being accident prone I'm just kinda danger prone -_- It always seems to come to me -_-

    She can't really beat you up if you don't cheer up :D Well, my father robbed a bank and got sent to prison a month or so after leaving my mother after he found out that she was pregnant, so that's what mine was like. I'd be glad if you didn't, I do everything I can to make her smile and if you did that I'm sure she would cry.

    It's not awesome, your avatar looks like it's about to mug me D:
    Well for me I'm okay, not sure an average person would be -_-

    Yeah, she's really worried about you, you know? I tried coming up with something encouraging to say but I never had a father (or a real family) so I don't know how to relate to the situation :(

    Your new avatar makes you seem scary O_O
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