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    Well considering that I didn't wake up until a few minutes ago, and not taking timezones into account, I was just asking for the sake of. Yea, I had a feeling your ass would be back here. KHI has a way of seducing people to return after some point, regardless of whatever cries or whines they make to leave.

    Speaking of your writing, I have to go off and read some of it. Next to Audi, I'm sure you've got something good lodged up in the creative writing section.

    And I'm doing well for right now. I just have to go to the museum, then come back home to write out a final, while studying for another for my college summer classes. Hellishthell ._.

    But meh, I'll smile while I do it, like always.
    You're up early.
    Whats up?

    glad to see you back.
    So, Ben sent me a message a couple hours ago saying he was finished.
    This is kind of a tricky question to answer.

    The name was largely inspired by my estranged mother though, in that her and the character are really similar. My mother and I have a weird relationship, but we also have a lot in common. So I guess I felt that the character was a good reflection on some parts of my life, and chose her for a namesake.

    My complete reasoning goes a little deeper, but I'm not sure that I could explain it at all, so we'll stick with what I've already said. I hope it helps a bit.
    done. http://bit.ly/BMsha

    I think i want to put little descriptions of the stories (where the '-' is).
    Put i'm so horrible at describing my stories and making them sound interesting. =/
    i'm not that busy. boring life - i lead one too.

    no. he didn't. he told me he was going to have it done like two days ago, but he then said he needed another day or so and that he only had thirty pages left. not sure when i'll be getting it though.

    well, i'm going to have to print off another copy - one with all of ben's edits taken into consideration. so, yeah. fun stuff.

    it was a mess. an experimental mess that i found didnt hold enough consistency to stay as a novel. it seemed more fitting for a "series" given its nature.

    you shoooould MSN it up.
    lol that's how i made my index page. the first time.
    im making a completely new one through Word now.

    figuring out how much i needed to update, so many new things. =/

    I'm updating my index page right now. fun stuff. what are you up to?
    Ok, i've found a couple, so i'll see what looks good. I'll try and do it asap, but it might take couple of days, ok?
    Are Narrating Point of Views really such a hard concept for people to grasp?
    Ok, it'd be better if you give me the stock you want, i don't have a clue who he is xD
    Ah, i would let you wear that, but it was a request from someone else. If you give me the details on the set you want, i'll try to get round to doing it for you ^^ But otherwise, you could ask Super eclipse for the one on my tagwall, he's the one i made it for.
    Yeaaaah I know. v.v
    Too tired though, got not sleep. So, now, i shall sleep during the middle of the day and eff up my sleep patterns even more so. yay....
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