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    No problem, at all. If you need anything else done I'm your man.


    I might cut them and make 'em purty but it'll take a little bit. (ie a few days)
    Do you want them all fancy or just cropped out?
    Ehe, it's cool. I'm kind of all around when it comes to music, Japanese is just something I listen to more often though. Not all of them are listed as such xD just a few select songs, I spend most of my time listening to game OST's
    I'm decent with Spanish but that's pretty much the only language I've learned; a bit off German too but that was years ago. Does it have anything to do with my location at all?
    But that's the thing. Namine and Kairi aren't the same person behavior wise, and Sora appropriately treats the both of them differently.
    It's true we've never seen kid Kairi, but until presented with proof otherwise, I can't see her cowering behind the tree in front of a meteor shower as Namine did. Hence, Sora's reactions to that even had Kairi been there would've been different.
    Yes, I know that's a Memory Kairi couldn't have been present in, but I was making a point and we didn't get to see the rest of their relationships.
    What still and forever more will get me the most is that Namine started out as 'another girl'. I know she could've 'retconned' it in Sora's Memories, but it still wouldn't explain the contradiction between DI in KH1 and CoM/Re:CoM. It doesn't add up in CoM/Re:CoM if we say it's about Kairi and not Namine, seeing what went on on DI in KH1.
    Lol it was pretty funny, but I'm doing the same. Well, on the bright side the sex thread is back; I'm going to monitor that thing like a hawk considering <_<
    He never said she was cool, he was presenting what he remembered of her, which was a new thing for him. The long lost friend he just remembered, and she ended up being a BFF on Riku's level. It wasn't so much him saying how cool she was, as much as describing why he thought that.
    One of the main issues why I prefer the SoNami relationship over SoKai - we know the basis for it. Sora told us how it started (from the group), how it developed (being BFFs with both him and Riku), and then the 'conclusion' (the promise he made her).
    SoKai we get to see them drawing in the secret place... and that's it o_o
    Not that I blame her that much, even Sora and Riku needed the FM+ to show flashbacks for them, and then Santa mentioned some stuff in KH2, but Kairi never got that :v bleh, SoKai </3

    Due to length.
    And I still can't believe I'm ranting to you about this.
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