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  • Cool now were friends here and youtube.

    Maybe we can do a video but about what though

    I'm only a beginner though. check out my videos i done for recording. Its the one with shadow the hedgehog.
    thanks man. Sorry if I'm stopping your epic fight. Lol do not worry raido and jo's fight should end soon I hope. Anyway good night off to bed
    I want Tenchi to stop fight but, you shall when to do it. Trust I'll give some kinda of signal. But, what should the signal be. Maybe when Raido about to slash Jo but, he stops. Then tenchi slashes Raido and then takes jo. That be epic IDK I just wanted raido and jo to fight alittle bit. Is that bad lol I'm sorry
    Roger silent your secret is safe with me. Also sorry I forgot to post as Crowmar lol I'll post as him next time
    So what i can't be the spy. I called it let me guess there is no spy any longer
    Whats the point of the idea thread now. Now its you and night doing the rp. Seriously man whats the point of me joining if I'm always going to be in the dark. Then when I do it. Its consider wrong
    1) Actually wasn't it a hint what would happen inside though lol. Sora lost his true memories and got planted with false ones lol.
    2) Thank u lol
    hmm a name Castle Akebono
    akebono means dawn
    1)How about the The House of Fate. How about that for the name of crowmar and madera castle. I would understand if you wouldn't like that name. lol
    2) Oh thats actually pretty good idea. so no one has super sayian powers lol right away anyway lol
    1) I just did awesome man.
    2) Okay so meaning all of the characters from the old are long gone but, they can be mention though. I got it.
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