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  • First an earthquake, then a tsunami, and worrying about securing the nuclear plant over there. I hear there's a possibility of an 8 magnitude earthquake in Dominican Rep. really soon, if it's true then I'm probably freaked over...
    Almost done with Phantasy Star Portable(need to lvl up a bit), FFIV, will get to FFIII afterwards; also interested in the Persona series but since most of them are rated M I don't think my parents would approve.

    My gosh, did you hear about what went on in Japan?
    Haha I'll be glued to your memory forever more jk

    Been good, just been really into RPGs these days. What're you up to?

    I TOLD YOU DUDE! She did something to gain your sympathy, now go 'save her life' ROFLMAO.
    Well, her father is going to come in a few days in the RP. She only has that few days to amass an army to show him that she is capable on her own and that she deserves a charm that allows her to stay in sunlight forever.

    I also was hoping that she really does like your character later on.

    Who know.
    You guys knew me, you had fair warning, lmao.

    I'll try and ease up, you guys just ..try not to tease me by not telling me something that I'm meant to know. Adding you back on msn is cool right?
    Technically the meeting place is the auditorium, I was offhandedly mentioning the fallout bunker to provide a better insight on the building itself.
    Hey Silent trinity. If you can could you make your character make it like a surpise arrival. That's if you want to. I jsut thought it would be awesome since in the anime and manga there are only seven characters. So an eighth character could have some dramatic entrance.
    I moved your Doctor Who thread into fanfiction. D: Fanfiction doesn't have to just be relevant to KH.
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