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  • Awesome!! So how was your first sushi? xD And how is America?? Hope you had a safe flight! <3

    BTW, I was really taken aback when you nominated me to be member of the year. Thanks for that! Not that I have any chances of winning seeing how you were the only one to do that xD But that was sweet of you. :3
    The other day actually, it was a big surprise XD
    Thanks, and I know this is not happening, it's a dream >.>
    (nods) ALL Rion stuff is cute.... and Rion is one of the ones that most needs to be expanded.

    I feel bad for Keyblade_masta though. Even if he doesn't drop by, I still haven't found him any Riku/Larxene. Other than one ugly one.

    Did you check out the other work on the album?
    I just can't draw.

    No, I'm serious. My school put everyone through an art program that was SUPPOSED To teach anyone how to draw. My teacher told my parents I was unteachable.

    (sigh) Everyone got at LEAST 3 awards during their entire time at school during the exhibitions. I got one honorable mention Junior year. It wasn't even that bad!

    So, um, that's how I know I can't draw.

    that, and looking at my drawings.
    I just joined Deviant Art. If I can get a camera at Christmas, I PROMISE To add to the Rion stuff.

    I can't promise it'll be good though.
    I found a new piece of Rion artwork if you want to check it out. It's in our fanart album. It's not great... but for Rion you have to accept what you get. Until people post more work.
    Wow a name change....that was the least I expected from you! x3
    I'm liking it though. But like SilverJ, I'll still call you Rix.

    Hey, Rixam Midnight Star.

    I'm liking the new name, it's sexy cute. lol >;3
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