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  • It's going alright; I'm here and there these days. TRYING to have a personal life. How about yourself?


    Yes, very late on the reply back, but I've been on a "hit and run posting" racket so I'm rarely on for more than a few minutes at a time.
    thanks but i actually downloaded the thuggin and shame EP last week.
    i dont know how tooooo ;w; make me happy again!!! weh. i showered and got something to eat and that seems to have helped.

    tehehe! are you scared of swimming? :3
    ;-; drink lots of water! i dunno i'm feeling kind of sad today for no reason blehh! but yesterday was fun! i went swimming.
    Yeah they're all pretty important for understanding why Dick is the new Batman and stuff.

    I mean you can go in blind and be okay but if you really want to understand the Batman universe, it'd be cool to read the other ones.
    yeah no problem.

    you might be a little confused going into if you haven't read some of the earlier books tho. like um...Battle for the Cowl is pretty important.
    The only place we'd talk would be here on KHI, but she's been gone for various reasons, including going to Hermit Mode for KH3D. She did come back a few months ago and made quick posts in the fanclubs, but that's about it. She spends her time at a Bleach forum now.

    *shrugs* Eh, I'm willing to try to make up with her, but if she doesn't want to then that's fine as well.
    Eh, it's a year-old story. I'm not going to do anything but tell you what I know because I don't know really her side of the story asides from how she thinks I betrayed her.

    But long story short, we had disagreements about the way the old Moogle Army thing was run. She wanted it to be exclusive to "only people we approve of", but since I assume she has history or personal bias with and against some people whereas I was fine letting everyone in, especially considering I was the one doing all the work. When she found out I just told everyone they're were in and I made a Moogle for Zulkir (who she apparently hated but I was friends with), I think that was her limit.

    Maybe I just got along with her a bit too well that I appeared to be some sort of a "mini-Smile"? But I'm my own person, and I couldn't let her turn something that was supposed to be fun for everyone into an exclusive club for "Smile and friends".
    Aww, thank you that's so sweet! I didn't have a cake I had freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and swiss chocolate. But this! makes up for it! Thanks you! :D

    i changed it because i thought it would make people think i was pretentious

    i mean... moreso than usual. but its easier to do when your avatar is some scarfed girl drinking coffee
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