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    *runs far away to the end of the valley*
    OMG I saw a clown suite in my mothers room.
    Waaaahh *runs*
    I know!

    Popularity and generosity is the equation for win <333
    It's alright though :)

    That's how it seems with most people that have a large amount of friends.
    Look at Blue's friend list O_O
    Same, but a large amount of them were just for the sake of being nice XD
    Still I have some really good friends here :3 That includes you.
    I can gather that it was the other way around with most of the friends on your list?
    Kind of the same for me :p
    Next Friday?! Wow. Well have fun :-D I'm sure you're going to enjoy your trip. Going with your boyfriend?
    That's nice to hear! Wait, aren't you going to the U.S. soon?! Unless I recall it wrong...
    I can't promise anything but I'll try. :-D

    Thanks, I have been doing well so far. Yourself?
    Seems like everyone beats me to platinum *sigh*

    I like your new set BTW. Suits you well. ;3
    Oh well that's a good idea, PMF did that for a while to avoid confusion, maybe I should do the same when I get mine changed. Meh, depends on when though. Btw the choice for your new name is nice ;3
    I see, tough decision it is, I feel the same way about mine.
    Yeah I haven't been here long to know exactly how you feel but I am anxious to change my name. But cautious at the same time since a lot know me by it; and it's a force of habit to use this name since I have multiple accounts on the net that use it.

    Well what every you choose it to be, you'll always be Rixam :3
    Don't I know it ;3
    Rep isn't all that important but you get a slight sense of worth when you have some.

    So, Rixam, you were thinking about a name change earlier?
    Might as well, the 13 points did me good >;3
    Got boosted to 10 rep power the other day actually.
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