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  • It's seriously sad when it happens IRL. D: I've seen it.

    Pff, yeah. So far it looks like this;

    Light; Hello, random guy. >.>
    Seto; *tch, he's clumsy AND just a kid* Are you even old enough to be without your teacher?
    Perhaps she doesn't know herself and was raised thinking her parents were Aunt and Uncle or something like that. I dunno, this is on the spot.

    And yeah, ya did say that Seto and Light were bro's, but they hardly ever see each other or just haven't seen one another in a long time.
    Gimme like... Ten minutes to skim through and get the idea. I can do details when things slow down.

    Perhaps she's adopted? Lawl, I'd hate to end up pulling something like that although, it would lead to some reasons for her to go nuts.
    Hmm... Yeah, like some therapist appointment or something of that ilk. BUT, THAT LEADS TO SCRATCHING OF THE NECK-PERSUASION. And we all know what that means. OwO
    TWO?! D: Ah, well. I'll just come up with some story as to why May's been gone for a while.
    'Angel Mort'? The sweets place? I'll just read everything.

    *is hugged* I MISSED YOU TOO~ I didn't expect things to be so boring once I got blocked. ;w; I actually missed KHI.
    you're right. i'll just stay optimistic about this one, since there's not much we can do about it.
    haha yeah, my family's not that rich.

    anyway, glad to hear it. :D

    about the mayon volcano, i have no idea when it'll actually erupt. i just hope the explosion won't be that big.
    ah. cool. i've never been outside the country.

    but you can still speak tagalog right?
    hey arty, are you a filipino? or at least have a connection or relative or something?
    Don't worry I'll get it baaaaaaackkkkkk. XD I have vacation remember? :3 LOL your only 13. Wow. O_O I keep thinking you were around Callum's age or at least one year younger. Your the same age as my friends who are still in middle school. XD I still like Star Wars and what's wrong with being young at heart? -_-; Really?....I don't play legos anything anymore...what's GTA? Grand Theft Auto? XD

    Your voice is deep.....probably with a british accent right? XD Yesh but I'm turning 20 so I'm not 18 anymore. :( LOL I talked like one in the chatroom I was like 'OH LOOK AT ME I LIKE THIS AND THAT WHEEEEEEEEEEEE' did I mention I was on sugar? That's what sugar can do yeah and plus it was funny cuz he got upset at me. I think not too upset. XD But that was back when I was younger....so mehhhhhh.

    I feel bad for the geeks. XD
    I forgot. I put it down on paper.....somewhere. Ha yeah but I'm trying to do like 3 million other things too during my break. X3
    Crisis Core..yeah never finished it. D: My PSP got taken my parents before summer ended. Need to get it back. >.< LOL hahahaa.....hmm......I can possibly know ways without asking somebody under the age of 16 how they managed. LOL your brother sounds funny...kinda reminds me of my younger brother. Just make sure it only sticks to video games and not anything like drugs/acohol or smoking...trust me, they aren't cool as they sound.

    LOL Are you seriously 14? I thought you were 15! XDDDDD Wow I'm so much older then you but no worries, I know somebody who's like 12 or 13 and we're like online siblings and friends as well but I still think it's funny that she sounds like a college student instead of a 12 or 13 year old. XD Heck, I was once called obnoxious14year old punk by somebody in a chatroom once and I was like 17 at the time.

    It's fine. I never make sense in general. I'm likely to win a contest for confusing people. XD Awww yay thanks. :3

    I need to watch some anime my friend recommended me. Most of them I haven't seen yet. XD LOL mine is too....I wonder if I'll finish it. XD
    Hahahhaa...yes I will......I need to finish Crisis Core (almost there), RE:COM (Riku's story), and Dirge of Cerberus. X3 Yesh I would and I was disappointed they didn't have Zack but seeing Zack in BBS makes up for it. I see. LOL how many characters do you play in Dissidia? XD

    Ummmmm I think it did and didn't at the same time? XD Yesh yesh...yay glad it was fun! I'm not a fun person myself (or so me thinks). That's good.

    LOL yes I would. XD Yeahhh...I love Code Geass but haven't rewatched it and I've been watching Shoujo anime lately like Ouran Host High School club. That's cool. Yesh busy busy with all the anime. XD
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