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  • Ahahhahaha....if you need help with the template, I can certainly give you some advice and such. :p Also hint: Final Fantasy Wikia would help or any FF sources for Reno's bio and such. :p And lol I see...the wii must have YOUR control. YOU CONTROL it. XD Tell me how it goes then!

    Yeah, at least try to but so do I need to. It's summer for me already! Ooh Shakespeare, that's nice. :D Oh I disliked Chemistry too...I prefer Physics, if anything. Ahahahha yeah. And yeah, get through the complicated messes, I got passed my first year of college with straight As in all my subjects except Math and yes, Math is lucky.

    What means war? The fact that they do have it at Univerasl Studios is pretty awesome! XD It shouldn't be war...BAHHHHHHHH nooooo not with ashes, please my British friend! Calm down, we share our playground though, in that sense! XDDDDD Unless I got that wrong. Oh wow, what is Nurofen exactly?

    SQUARE-ENIX IS SOOOOOOO SLOW. >: COME OUT WITH THE RELEASE DATE SOON *very impatient* YAYYYYYYY. I'm gonna try and beat it before you and Rauxy. >:D Unless I don't get it first and or something happens. :/ BAHHHHHHHH. XD
    Well been very busy too, I wish I could come back and help but GIMP was deleted off this computer, my dad didit cuz this comp is going bad XD.. so Idk if I can make sigs anymore.. I miss Arty not Raiko :( :p
    Ew exams month... :/ and I'm done with mine! Whoopeee! :D And that's good, that's cool. ^_^ And what you do you mean, you guess? lol.

    Thanks, I'm done with them although I don't know how I did. I don't want to think about it until the results ase posted. I never really read that book but I heard about the title and such. Ahhh that's interesting...and I thought you liked Science? Guess I was wrong? XD And that's good...wow, those subjects/courses sound complex/complicated. XD hahaha?

    I want to go there too...they have the Harry Potter theme park opening next month at Universal Studios. ;___; Oh that stinks. :/ And lol at the world exploding...OH NOEZ, Arty can't wear shorts! Boom! D: XDDDD lol. Ahh I see. Then how are you gonna get better? Medication? What? Ooh and awesome...and acting's alot of fun especially voice-acting. XDDDD Oh and that sounds really fun...I'm doing English, Theatre, and probably Creative Writing...dunno yet, just got to get past YUCKY Math. >:

    And yeah, I don't have a wii eithier. :/ BOOOOOOO....but that sounds really fun and I see. Lol, sounds funny, I have to check them out when I get a Wii...for now, I must finish Crisis Core, and await Birth By Sleep to come out impatiently to the states. >_<
    HEY Miss you... talk back to me say something lol... I was looking through our shop.. wow good times, I miss it
    Whoo-hoo summer,!!!!!! And speaking of which are you gonna still be Reno in our Crisis Core AU RP? And if so, did you get my PM?

    Ack hate Math, have finals to do on that and CPR this week, then an English essay but that's not gonna matter too much since I'm one of the top students in my English class. :p But the Math finals, ugh and CPR...>_< At least I finished Computers. :D

    Yeah, dpeending on where you live in the USA, mostly it's still spring-close to summer weather but it's supposed to be in the 50s (which is cold but not bad) tomm. Boo. D: Oh nice, I like rain. XD Ahhhh taht stinks. :/ How'd surgery go????? Ooh nice. So are you qualifieid to take that course next year??? Or do you find outl ater? Oh Ace Attorney, heard about it and such, I must play that game but I has no DS sooo I can't. :/ But lol, "OBJECTION!"
    Why are you so happy it is May? :D Because it brings oppurtunity or what? :D But eithier way: YAYYYYY FOR MAYYYYYY<3 :3

    It's fine and are you talking about schoolwork and such? It's pretty much understandable. I wasn't on KHI that much due to it. >_< I was actually hiatus of KHI. :/

    It's good here, the weather's like 70s in terms of degrees...I think and it's pretty nice. Um, I get out of college in like 2-3 days, yay! And I'm certified to save somebody's life and Rauxy and I trying to get the Crisis Core AU RP started...so far that's been going slow...how about you? How's it going in Great Britian (I suppose)?
    Hey Arty,
    we need to catch up on MSN when your not busy and add Rauxy into the mix. :D
    Just saying. :p
    Yes. ;w; Rich people dark broooding colooorrsss. And yes. Red is a gewd color. :D

    XD I guess she did. Because, well, she's crazy, and I was one of the few students who didn't argue with her or call her crazy to her face. So yes. She liked me. T_T XDD
    Lol, That is a good idea. x_x I'll use dark and brooding colors that remind me of rich people. :v

    XD Trufax, trufax.

    D: B'aw, that sucks. I swear, gym is such a hazard. x_x I broke my gym teachers heart when I told her I'd rather do track than work my ass off for the perfect 'womanly body' x_x I'm skinny ennnoouugh.
    Yus, me hopes so. :D
    But that is true, it really depends on the people who join. And I'll definitely make it easier to follow. No, like, 500 paragraph explanation on the entire series. XD

    YESSSSS. I have one for my witch and one for my Ushiromiya. I haven't posted any -new- and improved pictures of them yet, but I shall when my laptop returns (WHICH IS SOON, I MIGHT ADD.)
    I am sad about it too. ;w; We really had it going.

    Yes. :D So once I get my laptop back, we should get started on that. ;D I even made a new character for it. :D And furniture for my witch. :v
    *glomps* Hallooo. It's alright, and thank you. XD

    Yeah, the RP's ded and I don't think there's much of a chance on resurrecting it. ;w;
    However I've been like the idea of an Umineko one moar and moar so when my computer gets back from the shop we should start working on that. :D
    we're doing a tag collab atm, but i can't think of anything to get it to work... base line is that all I'm good at anymore is drawing :/
    no i'm not :/ simple as that. I don't have the mindset of thinking I can do anything decently anymore, therefore affecting the fact even further. there's no more to it.
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