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  • Honestly, I hope it is just another titan. I hope it gets defeated really easily too, maybe not even by them.
    As in DEEN's adaptions? Doubt it, especially since it's very likely they plan on retelling it. If you're talking about Fate/Zero, I wonder about that too. Depends on how the studio handles it if you ask me. If the studio decides to adapt all three routes (different versions on how the story turns out) then I'd go right ahead without worries. If they go with one story route then they might make it assuming you've already watched the prequel Fate/Zero for anime-viewers. Some people tell me that watching Fate/Zero first is like watching all the Star Wars movies in chronological order, some plot twists they might throw at you won't be too surprising since you already know how it turned out, like Darth Vader turning out to be Luke's dad. It wouldn't really bother me personally too much but I guess it depends on you.
    Yeah, that was... weird. I had to read it over a few times to make sure I was getting it right.

    I honestly have no idea why the author just did that. In fact, he's been doing that in general this arc, just revealing big things nonchalantly through the character.

    Still, I guess it's something that questions are actually being answered, lol
    Bloody hell this game haha. I've heard there are a few unique HHA/GHA's. Like Jotaro being able to stop Dio's and Johnny and Gyro having special attacks when fighting Funny Valentine.

    The game may not end up being all that good gameplay wise, but shit if this isn't the perfect JoJo game.
    Considering how little legit JoJo based media we get, I will take anything. Having 1/8 parts, two games and a book about the Louvre isn't enough for me. I WANT IT ALL.

    I was listening to the soundtrack last night and am just really wanting Stardust Crusaders ASAP.
    Baoh being in it is really cool.

    So you will be getting it then?! That's awesome.

    HOOLLLLYYY SHHIIIIT. Old Joseph? I imagine it'll be a similar affair to the Dreamcast game in terms of fighting styles for him and young Joseph. And Lisa Lisa being in it is cool, they are still missing Stroheim which annoys me haha. I'm amazed at the lack of characters from 6/7...only having Jo2uke for Jojolion makes sense currently due to the lack of characters....but they will be to come I imagine.

    Shit I'm excited.
    This gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. I need it now.

    Oh so the story mode is a bit like Persona 4 Arena? Eeeeeh. That got tedious far too quickly for my liking.

    I have heard the amount of easter eggs is ridiculous, really looking forward to just getting my teeth into it and playing everything.
    Would be so cool moving along string and stuff.

    Blackmore would be really cool to play as : o Also Chocolate Disco would be good to mess people about with.

    Just imagine that every character wearing a cowboy hat was Hol Horse. But that is odd. I still laugh at how quickly Abdul and Stroheim failed the race.
    You just mentioning Wekapipo has got me listening to Soul'd Out.

    You know who we should get?

    Mountain Tim.
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle - PV6/Trailer 6! [HD] - YouTube

    Funny Valentine's entrance. Oh my god.
    Volumes 3 and 4 of Stardust Crusaders are now back in print. Ordered those quicker than you could wwrrryyy.
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