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  • I just tried to search some Roxas fanart after reading what you said.... And I think I'm gonna be sick.... THESE SHIPPERS CAN'T STOP, CAN THEY?!
    I tried that in snack pack version with breadsticks. Not only my stomach acted up, but I felt like throwing up....

    Kairi = Magical? That's actually not a bad idea. Sora in physical power, Riku in dark power, and Kairi with magic.

    Yeah o.o Mickey was stronger than start Ven, and I guess he equals to Terra, and I'm not so sure about Aqua.

    They probably would have made him overpowered.
    I found another mistake hilarious in FF7, the "Off course" one in the monster arena. I don't know why, but it makes me laugh.

    Uhhh....... *head breaks*

    The best mistranslation ever.

    He's the best character Square ever made, why can't other characters be more like him? D:
    I just didn't understand why the spells keep on changing randomly.

    Spoony bardssssss

    I missed those two also. Auron is truly my favorite FF character ever... Well, he equals to Serah xD
    For the first 7 hours of playing FF8, I quite enjoyed it, but I didn't enjoy Squall's cold attitude at the beginning.

    FF4 is awesome, but it's kind of hard.

    While I don't mind fanservice and a lighthearted story, I just missed Tidus for some reason o__o
    I searched it, I assume it's the final place in the game I'm emulating, too, unless the PlayStation and PSOne are different.
    Yeah, I'm gonna try and reach everyone of them to level 50, and maybe if I reach Disc 3, I could let them reach max.
    I'm too mad to play anymore. Not to mention I'm as underleveled as hell. Jevona-LIFE killed two of my party members and I had Cloud healing like crazy.
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