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  • Should happen in a parody xD Once I get on, I may equip the Destruct materia on him, but damn does it decrease so much.
    I guess I'll take off some of Aerith's materia and equip it on Vincent. Has Death Blow on Aerith.
    Wondering who had Axel disease.

    If so, Red is gonna be my main guy. I don't know what Vincent specializes in... Magic or attack power? Should I unequip some materia on people and add to him?
    When I was 5, I suffered through Sora disease. Always a positive one O.O

    I regret barely using Yuffie, and I haven't added any materia to Vincent (AKA Vampire) yet, and all I added was defense materia on Cid.
    Those Chinese battles with Yuffie alone, right? Thank god, I could care less about Yuffie right now. Gee, I sound like Cloud now, haha.
    Same. I'm so pissed off right now by these bosses in Wutai right now. I need to fight with Yuffie alone?! How am I supposed to solve this? ;-;
    Something big must be holding them back. Maybe they're not ready after all, then. One can't control another's feelings, so all you can do is wait it out, really.

    Well, sometimes a healthy amount of caution is good. Lots of accidents could happen.

    We will be royal when I finally take over the world~ It'll be awesome! ^o^

    But it's not like he's angsty for no reason. He started out pretty happy, but he's been through a lot. he can't be expected to smile and shrug it off.

    I wonder what you need to have good chemistry with someone.
    Well then, I guess that chapter of your story isn't over just yet. Still not taking it to the next level?

    So she gets as scared behind the wheel as I do?

    Osprey can be a Duchess!

    He's one of the ones with pain to be mended, so I'm optimistic that he'll get a good ending.

    I guess there probably comes a point where you'll have to meet someone halfway, though.
    I slept pretty much all day today, so staying up all night should be a snap! Unless I get bored and go back to sleep anyway... Which I always do. It gets boring being all by myself on here. That said, even if I mess up tonight there's no risk, because there's no class until Wednesday this week~

    It scares her? Are you a kinda reckless driver or is she just easily scared? xd

    And Buffer will be the princess, of course~

    Seriously, Roxas grew up in an Organization that he knew was hiding things from him, and even his best friends were keeping important secrets about them and about himself from him. And then he killed Xion and probably thought he killed Axel when they fought in Twilight Town that last time. Everything he valued was stripped away from him, everything he believed in was lies and half-truths, and there's nothing he can look back on fondly. His memories have even been altered, and he probably just feels like something's missing, even from the happy things. He's had to accept that it has to be Sora, it couldn't be him, he shouldn't even be. All that "hurt" he has... it's no wonder Data Roxas wasn't a very happy person. I feel like they'll bring Xion back, whether it makes sense or not, but please, just let Roxas have something to call his own, a true happiness.

    It's important to have high standards, you have to know what you want. If you just go in ready to settle for anything, it won't be strong or fulfilling. That's how it is with a lot of things, so even without much relationship experience, I think that much, at least.
    See? You feel much better after a good sleep. So no need to apologize for it~ It's better than staying up until 7 am, ahaha...ha... I'm already screwing up my sleeping pattern beyond repair and I only have a short break... I'm doomed...

    So the feel of it just felt right to you? I can't say the same at all. I feel tense and worried and there's so much I have to think about. I'm envious.

    Gram will be our Court Jester. Or maybe our strategist. idk

    Me, too. I dunno where the consensus that Roxas and Ven will become one comes from. Maybe it's because Roxas housed Ven's heart his whole life. But if anyone deserved a happy ending and has been through too much to be wiped away forever, it's Roxas. He's willing to fight for it, too. He just needs the chance to pursue it, and I know he can make it happen.

    That makes a lot of sense to me. Then again, I've never actually been through a breakup myself, so I wouldn't know.
    That's good, sleep is good. Plus, after the night you had yesterday, you could really use it, haha.

    Is that how it felt for you immediately? Or did it take you a while to get used to the feeling?

    And you can be my royal knight! :>

    We're going over greek plays in Creative Arts, so it made me think of the comparison. I hope so, too. Separate from Sora and separate from Ven. A lot of people are hoping/expecting that Roxas will merge with Ventus in the end.

    Ah, I see, the whole "afraid to lose the friendship" thing. Not sure what could overcome that, then.
    Not the old one. I played the GBA version for a little while, I owned the Complete Edition on the PSP (until I was an idiot and gave my PSP and all my games to my ex) and now own the DS version but I haven't played it in a little while.
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