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  • We should talk on VMs more since I hate filling my inbox. Anywho, I might return to FB later in the week for a couple of hours only.
    in your noodle a guitar thread, make a second post as a placeholderglad and put something like "reserved for future use". you'll be glad you did if you're posting over two videos (the limit per post).
    How go things in paradise? o3o

    Well, we know he'll certainly have as many forms as Frieza, if not more, so they may actually have been one and the same all along! And we all know that Goofy would die for his friends. T^T Such a noble knight he is, even if he doesn't use swords. So, the finally battle will be Frieza vs Cloud and Sephiroth? This is looking like an awesome matchup! The whole universe will be destroyed again, and Destiny Islands will be leveled into another keyblade graveyard! Hehe. Maybe Terra will have a little beard like Eraqus did. Or longer, Xemnas-esque hair. Or maybe even just tired eyes with little stress winkles. Unlike Ventus, who's been snoozing, and Aqua, who's been disconnected from the realm of light, Terra might have actually seen everything as it went down in the realm of light, seen his body destroying worlds and ruining lives, felt the uselessness that comes when you can only watch as the next generation fixes your mistakes, makes up for what you promised to fix, while you're trapped, unmoving somewhere, not even sure where those friends who promised to save have gone, not even sure how to make things right. Just building more resentment, more hatred, more anger, more hurt. And that shows in how he carries himself when he's back, in the look of his eyes or the thin line that his mouth makes now. In the aged features he has, in the hair that's longer and more unkempt, in the teeny little beard. Maybe he'll even get a scar in KH3, to mirror Eraqus. I can certainly see Braig wanting to return the favor for his scar, after all.Haley Joel Osment talking to himself, hehe. That'll be fun to see.

    I guess we'll have to look around in Florida and see where it is, then. Maybe there's a map in an old treasure chest protected by a dragon.

    Shoot. I'll have more chances to wordsmith, though. Worry not. Yes, Roxas has been through so much and has come a long way into "accepting" that it has to be Sora, even though KH3D shows that he still has some regrets over it not being the other way around, and who wouldn't? His life was stolen from him, everything that could have been his purpose or meaning was overwritten for this person, and Roxas has had to slowly accept that that's how it had to be for the greater good, that he couldn't survive an he had to forfeit everything about him for the sake of everyone, because they needed Sora, not him. It's a little like Chloe deciding she had to die at the end of LiS.

    Maybe none of their real names will actually be pronounced in the game. Like how no one ever calls Rikku by her name. Hm, yeah, Marluxia could possibly get Larxene to cooperate if it's in their interests. I like Marluxia, too, his voice is so shaking and it fits his role and callous, calculating, but not cold or soulless personality really well. He's a great villain, a little like Xemnas but with more openness and ambition, more active lying and conniving and manipulating, a more whimsical dream that he was working harder to get. He's like Xemnas, but more direct with a sharper tongue. Shame they didn't get along, huh?

    Oh my gosh, I think I saw this video one time about all the things this doctor had seen stuck too far up there. It was unbelievable.
    Well. Then she's hopefully well on her way to being a very lucky girl.

    Oh my goodness, that would be something Xehanort would do. T^T But of course, Goofy would jump in the way and take the hit for Donald instead and then we'd have another "Goofy is dead" scene. Super Saiyan Sora would basically be Cloud in appearance, wouldn't he? It'd be a neat metaphor, too. Terra being the only one marked by all the time that's passed, marked with a gap (in age) between his friends that wasn't there before. Scarred by the experiences. Making up for what he did, especially if he does somehow make things right without dying. I really like Vanitas's delivery, he's so cool as a villain. The voice is perfect, especially that laugh, it really suits him.

    But how can that be if the fountain of youth is supposed to be there?

    XP Well, know my clever word twisting was all for naught, huh? :3 Well, whatever the reason, I'm happy you're alive. That means we get to talk together about how awesome Roxas is and how we hope he doesn't get shortchanged at the end here.

    Dyme... Myde... Yemd... Ydem... There is no good way to anagram that. Imagine the pronunciation of whatever it'll turn out to be. It'll be so funny that it'll be hard to take them seriously. I dunno if Larxene would be willing to go with that mentality, but I feel like Marluxia would. He's cruel and callous, but he's also cunning and strategic. He knows to take out bigger fish, you need partners. Haha, yeah, I can see Demyx being about as helpful as he was in Days missions.

    I imagine it's bad etiquette for a doctor to laugh. Of course, there might just come a point where they don't think it's comical anymore. They just sigh and groan, "Again? How many people can do this?!"
    So her happiness if your happiness in a way. She's really lucky. She has a girlfriend she lovse and a friend who cares so much about her. It's a happiness that a lot of people spend their whole lives searching for.

    Interesting you mention Sora and Goku, because I am reeeaaaallly pulling for a Spirit Bomb like attack to end it. It would be the physical manifestion of my friends are my power and show how Sora's heart and friendship has spread over so many worlds. It would be perfect for him. He's not stronger or essentially more capable than Master Xehanort, but he has bonds, and using those very bonds to show Xehanort that all his power, all his cunning, all his plotting, mean NOTHING in the face of true friendship and love and devotion like Sora and all his friends have would be so touching. Depending on how it was written, it may even bring a tear to my eye. I'd also like if Terra was 30 years old now, like Fudge suggested, unlike his two best friends who haven't aged a day. Maybe something that causes an obvious, serious rift between them, something they have to actually work and communicate to fix. And maybe Ventus dealing with that will give him development that'll show he's not a Sora clone. Roxas and Vanitas are fine as Sora clones because they have personalities that set them far apart from Sora.

    Florida's the place with the oranges and alligators, right?

    Aw, not even as a gift? It'd be fun for the three of us to talk about it together~ So when you think about it that way, I'm actually doing it for selfish reasons, so that's fine, right? :p And besides, I don't think my friends owe me anything, I just really like doing nice things for them. Friends are really important to me. My friendships are honestly the reason I'm still alive. So it's me paying you back for that.

    Their names are going to be so weird. I can't imagine anything normal. Maybe "Relena" for Larxene, but aside from that? xd As for why they would help sora, maybe it could be a "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" type of thing. Larxene and Marluxia clearly aren't big fans of Xemnas, after all.

    Oh my gosh, that'll be so awkward someday. I wonder if doctors are trained to keep a straight face through things like that.
    Glad to hear that all is well in paradise~ You're a really good friend to her.

    That, or Sora needs such well used focus that it feels justified for him to take the lead, even despite the other character's deeper connections to this. And more than just telling us that he's acting on behalf of his friends because they're a part of him --show us, really sell us the message. With a spirit bomb-esque attack or something that really calls on the strength of everyone at the end. Show that even if Xehanort is the most powerful in the universe and even though Sora is ordinary, there are so many people that are lending their strength, so many people who knew so much hurt because of Xehanort. If Sora gets all the focus, make it feel like that's just a way to use him as a lens to other peoples' pain and desire. Because Xehanort deserves more than a simple one on one "My friends are my power" saying without really showing fight. Show Terra so scarred and learned from his mistakes that it's not funny to joke about his gullibility anymore. Show Ventus's climax and decision on what to do about Vanitas. And give Ventus something that sets him apart from Sora in personality, because that would make him easier to connect to.

    If not neverland, then we need the fabled fountain of youth. It's probably hidden in a plot hole somewhere.

    If you have steam, I could buy it for you there. Then you can discuss the progress with me and Buffer. We could call Kain Riku together. Dangit, I at least hope he does't go too crazy with plothole power. No Dues ex machina from a series this long and complicated.

    It would really make the organization feel like more than a wasted plotpoint then. That would be the perfect way to tie them in. Do you think the other member's somebodes should show up, too? Pfft, that would almost be rather appropriate for Namine at this point.

    I think I once read a story about someone who had to go to the emergency room because he got a dildo stuck too far up his bottom. I imagine that's more common than it should be.
    Well, then. I don't think my sister's ex's are very good people, either, so I can see how you'd be happy. I hope she finds someone good for her someday, too ;v; I assume things are going smoothly for your friend now that she's finally taken the first step?

    Hm, my gut thought was "they wouldn't do that, it's Sora's story," but it's actually possible. Consider all the games that Sora did NOT play an active role in. Not counted Coded one was or the other, that leaves Days, BBS, technically DDD since that was Riku's story. So it's possible that even with him being the defacto main character of the whole series, there will be lots of games that don't have him as the main protagonist, and even someone who gets more cumulative focus and a more dynamic story that Sora, like Riku did this time around. I think Terra, like Kairi, needs a chance to prove himself, except Terra has had chances and simply has had the misfortune or ignorance to choose poorly. It's been a long time, and he's the only one of his friends that has been presumably in the realm of light all this time, so maybe he's older and wiser. If Terra's a big part of fixing the mistakes of the past, it'll look really good on him, moreso than it would for Aqua or Ventus, even. Not sure exactly what a good focus for Ventus would be here, though. I guess Vanitas may be coming back, so he'll be focused on that. Do you think he'll reabsorb Vanitas and become a person with dark and light in his heart again? Oh, that would be so great, especially if someone else decides to accompany Sora, Kairi, and Riku to the islands, like Donald or Goofy or Namine, and we get to see Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie react to that.

    So I've figured. I've yet to find a cure for becoming one, though. T^T I never wanted to grow up. Oh, Neverland, where are you?

    Well, still nothing super new for Cecil, but I'm making due. It's surprising how often the party changes in this game, though. A little jarring, in fact. You never finished? How come? :D That power to BS out of plot holes is one of the best powers there is! (Let's hope Nomura doesn't have it though, I want good explanations for some KH plot holes, haha)

    Haha, considering Zexion's stats, I don't know if he'd be useful in the fight or not. But that would be really cool. Nomura did say that the Ansem's past apprentices will be doing their own thing and we should keep an eye out for what they might be up to, so them showing up and helping us in the final battle would be so cool! And imagine what Xemnas would say. "Hmph. Traitors... It matters little. You were unworthy to take up my blade... So instead, you shall fall into oblivion!" Or something like that, haha. I hope the hurt souls are saved before the battle so they can take part in it somehow, too. Or maybe even during the battle. Namine doesn't seem like she would want to be much of a physical fighter, but I'm sure she could be of assistance. All the exposition she's given suggests she's near omnipotent. I think she can use a keyblade, and I think hers would have a really pretty design. And Mufasa-Eraqus just shaking his head up in the sky and sighing, hehe.

    xd Good point. There are quite a few.. interesting hospital visit stories, after all.
    Aw, so sweet. All's well that ends well, right?

    I agree on all points. Riku's character arc is great, but it's the only in-depth, completed arc they really have to show. If focusing on other things means shifting away from him for a bit, that's fine. Seeing Terra come full circle so he accepts what he's done and learns what he lacks and what he needs to do to make things right. Seeing Ventus grow up a bit and learn how to handle more mature situations. Seeing Aqua live for herself and forgive herself (if she's upset with herself at all) over her meaningless sacrifice. Seeing Kairi. At all. And since we saw Selphie, it'd be nice to see Wakka and Tidus, too, maybe at the very end welcoming them to Destiny Islands in the credits while they hold a blitzball in their hands. It'd be so cute.

    Yep. Once I learn to handle those kinds of phonecalls, I'll learn how to be an adult a bit better.

    I miss Dark Knight Cecil, too. Darkness was such an awesome move. T^T I'm hoping that some Paladin ability changes my mind, but Cover and White Magic aren't worth losing the power of darkness so far. We have the power to overcome plot holes? :eek:

    With 7 versus 13 though, I really wonder how they plan to have that. Have 6 take on 2 darknesses at a time while someone goes solo against Master Xehanort himself (well, not solo, we still have Donald and Goofy)? Bring in more lights to even out the balance? It'll all be a mystery until the end of the game when the battle starts, though. Knowing Lea, he'll be up to something shady in the background. And now that he got his keyblade to travel between worlds without a dark corridor, he'll have the mobility he needs to do whatever that is, I suppose. As long as he doesn't try to turn Sora into a heartless. It'd be nice if they sent someone along with Lea to keep an eye on them because Yen Sid doesn't fully trust him. Because considering Lea's track record, he's pretty apt to betray alliances that he makes. Eraqus: "Terra... REMEMBER TO JUST LISTEN TO AQUA. PLEASE." I agree. And it would make sense as far as Disney goes, too. We know the parents of our heroes die in tragic backstories in Disney movies. That's just how it is. And Eraqus is a father figure.

    I wonder if I'll meet a lot of interesting people as a doctor someday.
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