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  • Managed to dodge the rocks.
    Looked like these... (The original seems to have a brighter texture, though)
    Man, looks like I can't switch the materias' now >_<

    Yes, I finally went on a date with Aerith.
    Well, i dunno how you've been in so many of these bizarre situations before, but if talking about Roxas helps, just let me know! He was the first KH characters I was really introduced to, so he was the first one I fell in love with.

    I just don't like talking on the phone in general. It always, always feels so awkward. I prefer text. I even prefer in person conversations over phone call. I've never been talkative, but through typing that doesn't matter.

    And then we'll finally have a perfect world.

    I hope Roxas gets at least a small moment to shine for a bit in KH3. After KH3, I kinda want him to retire as a wielder and finally have the happy, normal life he's wanted to live.

    I don't really get the reference? I mean, I know of Persona, but that's the extent of my knowledge for the 3rd game.
    When I played FF4 for the first time, I heard his voice xD And I'm not so familiar with Naruto so I didn't know what other voice he reminded me of.
    Wow, never thought of emulating the GBA version. I'll try that. Hmm, I don't have a favorite FF villain yet, but Caius from FFXIII-2 comes close because of his reason for his doings.
    I never played VI before. I tried to, but damn the emulator was slow. Maybe it will be like VII and turn out better....
    :c This is really torturing you. Are you sure you're okay? If it's kicking you into a depressive state, maybe you should tell your friend.

    My mom (and everyone who knows me) has given up on trying to call me, I hardly ever am with my phone, so I'm probably not going to be reached that way. So that saves me from awkward conversations like that at least.

    Now we must bide our time and wait for all my vessels to come, and for all my plans to fall into place. Soon, Kairi, soon...

    Yeah, I'm still kinda sour about Roxas's fight. If only he wasn't fighting against people who have massive plot armor, he would be unstoppable, tbh. Even Xehanort acknowledged that he was more exceptional (or rather, a worthier vessel) than Sora.

    We need to equip something that ups our luck. Maybe a bow.
    I found Seymour Flux easy by spamming the summon's overdrive lol But yeah, I hate the dude too in general. But his hair... I can't stop looking at it strangely.
    I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be so close and yet so far to the resolution.

    Yeah, I can relate. Sometimes it feels like parents just never trust their kids to do anything.

    A Kairi world and a Roxas-as-his-own-fulfilled-person world!

    It's weird because most people love Riku and he went through his low points on his journey. And Roxas's problems were arguably grander in that Roxas lacked the ability to even fully wrap his head around them until it was way too late.

    I guess we just have to hope that we get lucky.
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