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  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........................

    Wasn't Seymour sexually attracted to Yuna? Because the way he talks and looks at her is just....
    Shit no! I was always on L's side yet use those DN quotes frequently xD they have become more or less internet memes..but I'm afraid of the newer generations, what will they understand of everything, the internet as it is now is full of our generations' jokes o.o

    I understand, I also dont act like an attention whore not even when there's a ridiculously handsome intelligent guy around , one must know when it's the right time to go 'smooth' for the fun of it *sigh* my last ex turned out to be a weak possessive manipulative ass , I wasted a year and a half of my life for a beautiful beginning and a sick end of a relationship with too much unnecessary drama. Darn, I felt like I was the man in the relationship in the last few months wtf
    I dont even want to see him anymore, 'never' is preffered, such a disappointment, but I still believe there's someone just right for me too in ZIS WORLD..
    This is turning into deep shit lol it's midnight in my timezone, time to put the Lenny face on
    I sure would have missed my old account if I would have lost it, but luckily everything went *Kira voice* just as planned. And yes, that good feeling that it's over and finished well, ..I feel that in my kokoro too, now...

    Coming from a guy, at least girl-me sees your 'observation' as an incredible compliment!! I could say the same about guys, more like those types of guys that know how to trigger our minds and be as smooth as I was just before xD you can't imagine how much we like that ( ͡? ͜ʖ ͡?)
    ........................................... of course intelligence matters a lot in actually understanding hints and such. Life would be so boring without innocent flirting though ; ^ ;
    what am I even talking about
    Ah.. Y-yes I'm glad we didn't lose any of our men on the way, speaking in dramatical terms xD I knew I risked getting banned, but wasn't afraid of that anyway. Though others, it is the others that I need to protect, I can and will jump in risky situations but not them, they remain safe o ^ o

    You tell me, I'm a girl and also consider girls to be hella strange. Even when I look at myself sometimes I'm like wtf, why complicate things like that
    and it's only natural that you consider them most fun ( ͡? ͜ʖ ͡?) sorry I just had to type this smooth thing down lol
    y-yeah, pretty admirable hahahhh.. ehhhhhhhhhh
    Ya got me buddy~
    hello as well, we met through the "revolution" I led xD
    aaand your weird af experience with those two girls
    So what drew you to him wasn't getting to see how he grew and changed, but getting to see only little of him and immediately relating, and only getting little snippets of what hinted at a much grander story. Haha, even as someone who started on Days, I can admit that it certainly didn't seem to be the action-packed game of mystery and intrigue that one might expect from KH2's hints into Roxas's life and frustrations.

    I imagine I'll probably be put on hold for hours... If they ever answer at all. I remember the frustration of having to call Dell when my laptop was acting up, and I think this will probably be worse.

    But tomorrow, we can discuss the aforementioned torture methods, hehe~

    I guess whether or not Roxas and Namine would be comfortable being with Sora and Kairi depends on how they grow as characters. Because the problem they had with their somebodies was more about themselves, really. Roxas wanted to just live and be himself, but at every corner, he grew to realize that he wasn't someone who should even be alive, that he wasn't himself, that everything he believed in and considered his own apparently wasn't worth a thing when you put it next to Sora, because he was being sacrificed like cattle and kept blind to the it all. And throughout CoM, Namine expressed sadness about being nothing more than Kairi's shadow, being alone and incomplete, and not belonging in anyone's heart, even though I don't think she was against meeting Kairi and may have even actively wanted to. If they get focus and development and centers on them finally coming to terms with themselves, then they might be comfortable with Sora and Kairi. We've seen Roxas grow to accept that it has to be Sora that ends the hurt, so I can see them going there with him. Namine, on the other hand, hasn't gotten any focus on her feelings about being connected to Kairi. Most of her focus has been on her delivering exposition or using her powers. Still, Roxas will probably want to befriend HOP for real, and be someone with sea salt ice cream.

    It would look like one of those spy gizmos that disguises itself as a piece of clothing and transforms into a weapon!
    Hm. I don't know a lot about how Roxas was perceived with just KH2 info. Maybe you could tell me about it? :3

    Speaking of phones, I just learned that if I don't set up a voicebox in the first 60 days of activating my phone, AT&T takes away my voicebox alltogether. Which I think sucks, because that means the calls I miss are going to be even angrier at me and I have to make a call to AT&T if I wanna fix that. Calls to companies are so much more stressful than calls to normal people.

    But for now, we celebrate. It's a joyous day, and he hath returned at last. The hostilities can cease for the sake of the day's happy events.

    I wonder if Namine would want to go back to living in that mansion. It has a lot of bad memories for her. A fresh start for her and Roxas would be good. And the game probably won't get into the hard things about buying a new house, so that should be just fine. And no matter where they stay, Sora will probably try to keep his promise to Namine by visiting her whenever he could, since I can't imagine him giving up his life of adventure to stay on DI. Of course, if he keeps that promise as well as his promise to be with Kairi everyday, well then, Namine's not going to be seeing much of him.

    We should make a fusion of the bows, so avoid these situations.
    I feel like it's easier to feel for Roxas because we see him grow from a zombie to a positive but naive person to a more and more jadded person who eventually just lost it all. We got to see his whole life. It's a connection that we don't get with a lot of characters. I mean, I still love Kairi more because... I actually don't remember when my favorite changed from Roxas to Kairi, actually. Huh.

    I think a lot of people aren't very comfortable talking on the phone. Maybe it's because we miss a lot of the visual or other cues that we get from face to face conversation. Not to say I'm very good at face to face conversation. I prefer typing, which doesn't have any of those cues. Hm. Maybe it just feels easier to screw up when you're talking and can't see the other person's face, as opposed to typing, which has no immediate timeframe for a response and can be erased and fixed.

    Only happiness for Roxas, and acceptable screentime and agency for Kairi.

    Where do you think they should go after all this? Back to Destiny Islands with the original trio, since Namine wanted to be friends with Sora and meet Kairi? Back to Twilight town, so they can be their own people without having to worry about being with their original personas? To Radiant Garden with Lea?

    Ooooh. I was thinking hairbow and you were thinking crossbow.
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