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  • Well, going to rest was good, too. I'm sure you felt a little exhausted from it all, after all, haha.

    I like Sora's and Riku's dynamic as well, but since it's Sora's story, I think he might be put together with the next person who will have a big character arc. Not to say that he and Riku aren't still best friends, but Sora and Riku haven't traveled together for most of the games, so that shouldn't be too tough to work in. Ven hasn't actually met Sora face to face despite their deep connection, so he's a very good candidate, I think, especially since he was barred from exploring on his own before. Seeing how he and Sora actually interact in person will be nice. Lea, he's the fan favorite, so he'll never disappear. And Aqua, she's been trapped in the dark and away from the happenings for so long, and she cried just hearing Sora's name as the boy who would save everyone. Aqua seeing how much has changed and how capable Sora is even though she chose not to perform the ceremony on him would be really neat. True, true, that's a good way to look at it. I should look forward to whatever new info we get, Kairi or no Kairi. And I should look forward to seeing if the new styles suits the characters or not.

    That went so horribly I cried. But it's done. I have a voicemail now.

    I've gotten to the point where I'm a Paladin now~ To rid myself of my... bloodstained past. Also apparently my dad is a ghost on the mountain or something? I dunno yet. Of course, being unstoppable is the only way to achieve goals as big as ours.

    Exactly, especially for the last fight. Are we going to have Sora run around and defeat all the darknesses and the purpose of having 7 guardians? Are we going to have the fights that Sora's not in just take place in cutscenes? It has the potential to be really great or really underwhelming depending on how they decide to go about it. No word as to what Lea and Kairi are doing as of yet, I hope we find out soon. Lea and the Ansem's former apprentices will apparently have their own sorta thing going on, so that'll be interesting to see. Eraqus coming back to aid Terra Mufasa-style? That'd be cool. Eraqus coming back from the dead? It's a possibility, but it'd be a little less cool.

    Oh, sounds strenuous. That's really impressive.
    And Cecil comes in and takes her to their realm, and Serah finds Mog again, and live happily ever after.

    That's too much......
    With Noel's priceless reaction to Serah's death, with Lightning getting more encouraged to save the world, and with Snow.... Just turning into a bad boy because of Serah's death, I think everyone wants to kill Square.

    Dick move, Square.... Dickkkkk mooooove
    Sorry, Hope. VanillexFang 4 llyfe. You're right, though, Noel was super obvious. And Snow... Man, I liked Snow. I guess it was his charisma that pulled me in.
    A lot of things in the past were confirmed in LR, like Hope having a real crush on Vanille, Noel actually loving Yeul (romantically, it was pretty obvious lol), and Snow didn't move on in XIII-2 and still loves Serah o__o
    In LR, she seems to care about her old companions, like having sympathy for Sazh's son and tries to find something to help him, and shown a friendly attitude towards Fang. She even hugged Snow O__O I guess she's slightly better in LR, but still cruel in some way.
    Did you do anything to celebrate this momentous occasion?

    A new enemy, a new adventure, maybe even new focus put on unexplored or undeveloped bonds and feelings. I have high hopes for KH after KH3. KH3 should put an end to everything in this saga and answer all the major questions, so it doesn't bog the next one down, but I am all for theorizing on this new one. It should be a lot of fun. Oh, so you're hyped for D23 Japan? I get more and more worried as time goes on. What if Kairi doesn't make an appearance? All my hopes are pinned on that, and they've let me down there before. Even with it being Sora's story, since Sora's whole thing is his connection to other people, it could still have adequate focus on others as well. Maybe they'll even explore a different main bond than Sora and Riku. And I'm not just saying that so Kairi can get in, I really think it'd be cool for him to grow closer to one of the other fighters that aren't likely to want a simple, normal life after the final battle. Aqua, Ventus, Lea...

    I'll check up on their office hours after class today.

    Hehe, you remind me of Cecil, this character I'm playing as in FF4. He's a Dark Knight, and Darkness is a great ability where you power gets boosted for a sacrifice of HP, which is no big deal when you have healers or auto potion. So, I'll be the healer in the party so you can dive as recklessly into the dark as you want! I'll be here to pull you out if you fall too far in!

    I really hope they go with your latter idea. It would let multiple characters get spotlight and importance, show how everything is connected, and show us directly what the others are getting done, since we already know that Sora isn't assigned to take care of everything himself. Like Mickey's and Riku's search for lost masters. I hope it's really long, it has so much it needs to cover. As for Terra, since his heart's whereabouts being unknown may be a big deal, maybe he and the ghost of Eraqus will pull a big sacrificial stunt at the end.

    What's your line of work?
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