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  • Okay, I'll have to edit something, then I'll send it over!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUDfoZGhLjE (long video is long... but good!)


    The other bit, was that the Kairi role was so small that for her to be replaced wouldn't be as big of a deal. While it's great if they DO come in for that small amount of lines, it really isn't necessary. But, yeah, Braig! (Just because) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEs6oGunUcc (Why can't I find the muffins on youtube?)

    I've heard that it's obeying Xemnas but... IDK.


    ... Well, there goes Lexaeus.

    (hugs Aqua in confusion too) I ADORE my "Rapture" Aqua stuff but I know that's not canon and I dislike her in canon. But her and Cloud and Zack? CUTEST THING EVER! (Did I ever show you my picture of Tlammy and Zack drinking?)

    Ah, okay.

    And I can't wait to read them! (And Sirens... since I keep on bugging you about that. Sorry)

    Alright! Thanks! (I may put it in for lingerie but... that would be the absolute it.)

    I figure. It's SO ANNOYING but I can't imagine my life without it.

    Frank, Frank, the weird guy who smashed the computer? And I'm SURE it will be fine. VA's do multiple roles ALL THE TIME. Just look up Jeff Bennet's IMDB page! (No, really, look it up. Holy crap that guy is prolific. AND the ghost car?) And that's not touching people like Tara Strong, John DiMaggio, etc.

    But what was the charade? I never got that.


    .. Yeah, I was running out of phrases too.

    (Hugs everyone multiple times, even if she isn't that fond of Aqua)

    This can help: Tenenbaum - YouTube

    I'm trying to drum up readership. It's my baby, it can't get to it's end and NO ONE READS IT.

    Also: I have a problem. According to TV tropes, dressing in Red denotes a character who is utterly sexy (Like Constance) However, in her time red also meant prostitute. That's why I've been staying away from red for her... but should she dress up in red at some point?
    Well, that and before we got an official Luna. And I have pictures! Equestria Daily: More Pony Costumes from Nightmare Night plus the CMC and some other ponies were there too. And it was SO CUTE! And Derpy was there.

    I get it CONSTANTLY. Or I'm rewriting my day, or constructing real life conversations or... yeah. So. Much...

    Maybe I'll mock it up later, not feeling it right now. I'll have to watch that scene again. And who was Gibbs? I'm sure he'll be a season regular,but I'm not sure about series. I'm still impressed since I think he altered his voice for the role.

    Saix being happy about what?


    NO! YOU DID SORA! We were doing the Xehanorts!... oh well.

    Me too!


    She feels a bit too reserved. But I can see her shaking her head. eye rolling is too new and young for her.

    Me too.


    (Can you comment please? So far the only person who commented is Landyx. He's nice but I want more people talking. I would like to get more then you and Landyx too, but I seem to have lost all my viewers some how.)
    Yeah, I know, the introductions took ofvJU3AFOOo. I don't think I'll go back to it now though. It's done, the episode aired so everyone's costumes were wrong (which is why I was rushing. I needed to not know what it was actually like for the episode) and... yeah.

    The stories that run constantly through your head no matter what you do? I get them ALL THE TIME. I do get breaks when I'm watching TV or something, but other then that...

    I wonder how that would play out? (And I REALLY want Hannah to go up against the Leviathans)



    And dead guys. We can't forget those! But what about Someone like FFVI's Terra? She wouldn't get into a fight so... where would she be? I can see her being found on RG if she was protecting some kids but...


    Well, it looks like it's still in the talking stages so next season at the earliest I would think.

    He is. But I like Ven more.

    YOU would. But you are a 20 year old living in America. SHE is at least 60 years old (in 1970!),lived through two world wars (one in a concentration camp) AND Rapture. She only wears long skirts, smokes due to ignorance, and has a guilt complex. I don't think it's in character for her to roll her eyes.
    So, what would she do?

    They should! I want more Kairi! She's so nice and sweet...

    I know, I know. But considering that they are fighting in the trailer, maybe they'll have some unique taunts?

    You're welcome!

    Oh, and new HCTB tonight.
    No, not Twilight. (I have to say, though, that was one of my favorite lines.) I noticed. The running away was a good idea. I didn't get it across clear enough that Kairi realized that Demyx betrayed her by saying she was PoH, something she hadn't told him. (sigh)

    Yeah, that can be bad. No mental stories or anything?

    I have a feeling Cas would vaporize the TV if they showed Zombieland or a horror movie.


    Same as Zack... and Cloud... maybe OC isn't a good place for the FF characters after all.

    Those who know nothing understand nothing.
    (Yeah, that too)

    Probably not until next season. (shrug)

    Yeah, Terra can be an idiot. But he still means well.

    (MOCK UP!)
    "I see you are going over my old research. I warn you that it can only lead to pain." Ansem stared unflitchingly at Tenenbaum who had her pistol casually leveled at him.

    "I have been down a similar path. I will not follow these experiments." She cocked her gun while still reading the text. "Who are you?"

    "Ansem the Wise. I researched hearts." He walked over to the table. "I will not hurt you. Who are you?"

    "Doctor Bridget Tenenbaum. I am a geneticist and responsible for part of my world devolving into murderous chaos." She glanced up. "What? You are not afraid of me?"

    "I... did something similar myself. If you are a geneticist, why are you studying hearts?"

    "Because Lehrer Eraqus." Ansem the Wise had the distinct impression she was keeping from rolling her eyes. "insisted on discussing the hearts as if they were the soul. The heart is completely different! It is a muscle used to pump blood to the rest of the body in order to carry nutrients and oxygen. The ancient Egyptians my have regarded it as the soul, but science has long caught up on what the truth is. I am simply researching where he learned his idea."

    "He is correct. I did the research myself. Where are you getting your data?" he asked.

    "From the various cadavers I dissected in medical school along with violence in Rapture." She retorted.

    So, yeah... I need to work this out. And I don't think she would roll her eyes.

    Yeah, your right. I know she has a personality it's just... yeah.

    Yeah, but all the fight dialogue is pre recorded. They may have unique pre battle taunts, but other then that the characters don't comment on the opposing fighters.

    It's not the only return!
    Penguins of Madagascar: A Visit from Uncle Nigel* Episode Clip | Nick Videos
    and this one is just good
    Penguins of Madagascar: Command Crisis* Episode Clip | Nick Videos
    (sidenote: Chuck Charles is voiced by Jeff Bennett.)

    Er, yeah, I'm in Penguin mode now.
    And... I'm in trouble. Gah, not enough fighting so there is no emotional resolution and I don't know how to end it. (sigh) Do you still want it as is? I'll try to work on it tonight.

    You mean like Cas declaring himself God? ugh. The only time that has happened to me was with Lost finale's... but I wasn't more scared. I was just really sad and I knew I wouldn't get to sleep unless I exhausted myself... so I looked up "Full Metal Alchemist" in TVtropes.

    Yeah, but watching a DVD or something together would be nice. Some popcorn (though Cas might not eat it), a nice flick (Maybe "It Happened one Night?") and yeah. It would be nice.

    Eh, I don't think I can do it. I only have WMM. Would be so cool though.

    Org! (doing it this way since we've broken the text boxes)

    Very true... Very true... Poor Auron. He's gone through so much.

    In the end, every heart returns to the Darkness whence it came.
    (Well, he was ALWAYS acting, by this time, they just let him go and do his own thing. Before they were forcing him to be more then Billy Zane but they didn't give him many references to Billy Zane's Ansem. That's why he was bad in KH2, better in Re:CoM and fantastic in BBS. He got more comfortable in the role)

    Well, we still have a ways to go.

    Indeed it is. Nice work for the author! "It worked out better in my head!" (Also: going back over that fic reminded me.... I need AtW to come out of the portal for Rapture too! While this means I get to write Tenenbaum/AtW conversations... I need to write Tenenbaum/AtW conversations. In other words, I'll need to redo the next chapter.)

    Well, when a dog and a duck come to you and tell you your king needs him to save the entire universe... that kinda gets equal scale. Plus he gets to look for her more!... I REALLY want Kairi to talk about all of this. She needs a bit more obvious personality.

    You mean in comics? Because while it would be interesting in a fighting game... it wouldn't really work out how you think.

    Expect it tonight actually... I need to get it out before Saturday anyway...

    I hope not! I normally don't but still... it can get... REALLY scary... Or funny.

    Well, I kinda like Cas' idea better.

    (Does that herself) And you are.. wow... I need to mash this up myself... somehow... It IS Gloriously evil though! VANITAS! YOU MUST POSSESS WEISS!... and now I'm picturing Weiss in Vanitas' outfit...


    Well... being an unsent is illegal in Spira so his crime CAN be that he exists. I'm not sure how you can punish who is undead though...

    (Seriously, please tell me I wasn't the only person in Squeefits when Terranort broke out Ansem's speech? GO RICHARD EPCAR!)


    Well, it was supposed to be TV show originally...

    Looking for it now...

    Ah, yes... that would be good. We don't see much of the Riku/Kairi side of the Trio... we don't know much of what Kairi thinks of them anyway. We KNOW she cares but beyond that...

    Because Halloween is coming up and...well... I hope you like it. (As it IS a surprise, though, I can't tease you with it. Sorry)

    YES! YES! YES! Maybe I'll watch them tonight... or I could get nightmares and I want to write...

    Poor Cas-chan. (Sorry!) I've seen some of his funny clips, but I would really like to get to know him. (And, really, bringing an (ex) Angel to a Brothel? REALLY???)

    Can we campaign for that? Please?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8RsPrPa4G8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P223HY-y6NQ
    Well, it's not like it hasn't happened before to Weiss....


    Still, you'd think SE would get their own canon right... unless Hades was looking at it through Auron's PoV where I think he DID consider himself a bad guy, but for doing stuff like not following through on promises (due to, you know, dying) and for not stopping Jecht and Yuna's dad from doing their thing. (Though I'm not sure if he knew. Maybe he just guessed) either way, he blames himself and this Auron is implied to be actually FFX's Auron.


    TSW? Who's that? (Is it Tidus/Selphie/Wakka? In which case, YES they need to go back to them)

    A TV Version of Zombieland Is in the Works at Fox -- Vulture

    Yes, that helps too. I usually just try and try and try though...

    "Yen Sid believes that you three are in a polygamous relationship" (Cue me laughing partly due to that's how to resolve shipping and because that's the accusation leveled at Zack/Aqua/Cloud by a few people)

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    Yes, that would do it. I have Graveyard 8 stuck in my head (Sung by Kowalski/Jeff Bennett BTW, AKA Smee with help from John Dimaggio/Rico)

    Phoenix Wright UMVC3 reveal - NYCC Trailer - YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S55wdAM_eWI
    YAY! ORG!!!!!!!! (massive glomp) And I am working on a surprise for you...

    Sweet Cosmos, it's on Hulu? YES!

    So do I, and I don't even know the old Cas! (Though I will admit this is partly due to the Hannah/Cas shipping. But I did like what I saw about Old Cas)

    No, I understand. (And, really, I WANT Lexaeus to break out that Weiss laugh at some point. SO good and chilling... is it bad that I kinda want Dirge of Cerberus just for that?)


    Well, apparently he did some things in X before he... well... died. But they weren't evil just sort of... immoral for the period. They wouldn't really be immoral here though.


    Maybe... and I SO hope so. Jecht/Tidus (Father/son obviously) is alot of fun to watch.

    Hmm... yeah, I can see the issues. I hope that they do make a sequel it is as good, but part of the charm of the first one was because everything was so unexpected.

    Yeah, just continually do HP attacks. That helps.

    Thanks. I'm reading it now.

    Yeah, Riku/Quasimodo will be awesome. They can really help eachother out.

    (Starts humming "Penguins of Madagascar")
    And you've been waiting a little over 4 months...

    So, what about next season?
    I love Cas, I hope this ends up better for him.

    Can they about equal? (Though I personally have always liked Weiss laugh, even without the David Boat stuff)


    We do have yet to see Hades bringing someone BACK from the dead. The most we've gotten is the whatever he did with Auron. (And WHY was Auron listed as a bad guy? he's good!) Oh, and did you hear that FFX is being remade in HD for both the PS3 and the Vita?


    Maybe she can be a giant fairy? But, yeah, COSMOS! IS! KINGDOM! HEARTS! (has Ienzo glare at her)

    I SAW THAT MOVIE! IT WAS SO GOOD! THEY ARE MAKING A SEQUEL!!! (And it was originally developed as a TV show)

    Make sure to get the increased bonus stuff FIRST. That makes everything else easier. (Leveling up, gil, appears more often, etc)

    I really don't read fanfics that much. Can you pass the good ones onto me?

    Where are you now?

    So... Neku?
    I've thought about avoiding spoilers, but I know myself well enough to know I won't be able to resist. xD

    As for what Disney world... Black Cauldron, Atlantis and Gargoyle are the three I want most. ;w; And Agrabah (King of Thieves) to show up one last time for KH3. I NEED CASSIM UP IN MY KH, GODDAMNIT~
    Thankies~ :D

    How goes it? :DDDD Like Sora's new outfit for 3D (granted we can't see it very well, but still)? :D
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