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  • Well, it IS fun to listen to my iPod while I'm on a stroll, but walking/running just isn't my thing. xD

    JGL is playing a cop called John Blake. :D

    xD I knew from the beginning the reboot was gonna be awesome. :D And no, I've never read those books. My sister has though.
    :D I'm glad you're doing fine~

    I'm doing alright, all things considered. Just got back from a five mile long walk, and as I despise walking long distances, I'm a bit moody at the moment, but all things considered I'm good. At my family reunion this week, so that's fun~


    That said, I'm also hyped for the new Spider-Man movie, and also REALLY excited for Prometheus. <3
    Sign promised me a Rion fanart a good while ago but never got around to it. So since she was toying with renders and what not, she made us a pair - Xion for me, Riku for her. And then we just started 'drafting' people xD;;;

    Weakling *is multi-tasking being here and studying for a test* >>

    But this is where Days being a midquel comes into play - almost anything they'd have tried to do with any merit BEYOND KHII (otherwise, the game has no right to exist seeing when it was released) would most likely contradict KHII itself. About the only character who could have anything done with them - is a new character who wasn't limited by KHII.

    Actually, no. I'm hardly a fan of Jack Sparrow truth be told. In fact, I found myself much more enjoying Will in the two movies I watched.

    That would've been tricky because I doubt they could've left and came back as easily. The fact you can for the side-quests isn't too canon xD;;;
    And having her fight more would be breaking what they did establish with her character - that she's NOT a fighter.
    What does bug me is the Keyblade bit, which was forced in due to ASAS/DD's "This time, I'll fight".
    I'm glad Nomura seems to stop turning the secret endings into scenes supposedly from future games. He shot himself in the foot with that both in BBS and in Days. I mean ASAS/DD was good when we skipped into KHII, but Days suffered as a result, most noticeably AkuRoku's relationship. Remove Roxas being a prick in the KHII flashback and you remove a great deal of NEEDING to destroy their friendship in Days. The tragic circumstances could've done it on their own.

    Kairi being familiar with Riku makes her likelier to accept Darkness better, so that's not unthinkable.

    "Maybe waiting isn't good enough" =\= show of trust. Just saying.
    But it'll be nice to see it from Kairi if only because we barely see anything from her >_>

    I think this is the #1 thing that bugs me the most about Kairi - they don't. Beyond Sora calling her out on that, they never approach the manner again. They barely even flesh out her personality again, beyond debatable, frustrating lines such as "oh, Riku was possessed by the Darkness? No worries, HE CAN TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF".
    But that's hard to do when they abuse her the way they do. Gods >A>;;;
    I think that's part of why despite it all, I'm an Aqua Critic and not outright Hater, even if I do wanna slap her on occasion (the replay so far isn't helping). The Fairy Godmother, Yen Sid and even Ven all called her out on her being wrong in her views and actions, so you know she's not supposed to be this hollier than thou character. Kairi on the other hand is just... Mary Sue levels. Either she's wronged and everyone ignores it, or they never bother showing us WHY any of it happened, making it forgiveable to the player.

    I actually prefer re-runs of things that promise character and interaction development over re-runs of things that don't necessarily do that. See - having Riku and Kairi fight each other is a go. Giving Kairi a Keyblade because they ran out of things to do with her isn't.
    The Keyblade can only help if they do something else with her, but whether or not she gets a Keyblade or even become a proper combatant (PoH Deus Ex Machina will be acceptable here) her being at odds' ends with Riku works.

    A lot of Unversed fights where he just lashes out at them with snarls and shouts, ready to beat Hook up even with the Crocodile there, Gantu. A lot of this is justified, yes, but he takes things far too personally, and is actually looking for fights in many worlds.

    Yus I did :3
    They should have a world like that and give Sora a frying-pan styled Keyblade.
    NOT a joke weapon.
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    Maybe... wait, are we talking KH I or II? Because, well, I dunno how many people ever needed to heal in KH II... Thank you for the compliment, though. I will treasure it always.

    Wait, which RP is his? I haven't noticed him doing anything, somehow... I am kinda stoked for Jezza's thing. You've seen that one, right? By the way, it's nice to have you back!
    Not at all. You actually don't even have to let me know next time, it's understandable that not everyone are online all the time C:
    That OR either
    A. There's a Super-Goddess above the other three
    B. The races only knew of one Goddess at the time
    And thus the negative approach - the disappointment. Me, from the early trailers I was actually looking forward to a Xion-Game, but that was also due to my views on the Organization. Filler characters are filler characters, that sort of thing.
    I just wish she'd get less hate for that :V it's like putting Jhonny Depp in a movie surrounded by middle-school actors, to me. Of course Depp'd be great, he's the star of the movie amongst other reasons; but the others... can't really carry their weight.

    Ironically I wish that was ALL they'd have shown. They could've given her being a Wielder a proper introduction (maybe even in BBS alone, instead of making BBS the excuse to KHII, which as far as I'm concerned could've just explained that, which came because of ASAS/DD) instead of one of the most WTF-ish scenes in the series; a bit more show of faith in her friends could've been better, instead of having her go "OMFG TELL ME ABOUT YOUR WONDERFUL ADVENTURE *sparkles*" when Rikunort was prancing right behind her; and of course Sora's promise to see her every day would've had weight because he wouldn't have seen her FIVE MINUTES PRIOR and was about to STAY IN THE DARKNESS.
    I really do think Kairi'd have been better off without being kidnapped in KHII, even if that meant leaving her behind on the islands. It worked wonders in Re:Coded; it could've worked wonders in KHII as well.
    Sure, it wouldn't have helped, but right now, they're only ruining it further.

    I'd LOVE that. Either that or have Kairi continue being Keyblade-less and only be able to use other people's Keyblades until Aqua wants her to become a Wielder - which would also mean that she recognizes Kairi which means again that Kairi's worthy of a Keyblade - much like how Terra accepted Riku, when Riku showed he had the part Terra had that made Terra Master-level when he met Riku (protecting what matters - it really put things into perspective for Terra, which explains why he was able to perform the Rite with Riku).

    Unless it's part of a plan to lure her away and Braig's pulling her punches, Kairi living through that fight won't make a lot of sense. Either that or her Light intervenes and protects her. Otherwise... yeah, she's dead meat :V

    I'm not so sure. It won't really bring anything new to the table. We already know Kairi's basically obsessed with him. What the relationship needs more right now is:
    1) background. A couple of flashbacks.
    2) Interaction in the present day. Kairi can have a hard time fighting Vanitas all she wants, I need to see the two act like a couple before I can believe they are. Hello, Namine, you wonderful romantic interest you.
    3) Sora worrying half as much about Kairi as she does about him. Preferably WITHOUT her being a DiD whose poor state he blames himself for. Because right now, especially without 1) and 2), that's standard Sora behavior with basically everyone he cares for.
    So while what you suggested would be nice because it shows a bit more of what we've already seen, it won't have any added value, imo.

    You forget that KH, the very game that introduced the Sora/Riku friendship, had them want to kill each other. And it wasn't until the first Final Mix where we saw some GOOD moments between them too in the form of the flashbacks added after they locked the DtD.
    At this point I dare say that due to the lack of interaction and how you can take some of their comments about each other, Kairi and Riku being at each other's throats (with a bit of help from Xehanort of course, they at least keep civil for Sora) makes only too much sense. It won't really break anything and will establish everyone's favorite theory that the raft comment came from Kairi being a PoH and ties in with her comment about how Riku changed, not just an imbicile teenager who lost her tact.

    No, he snarled and hissed at many other things for many other reasons as well. I mean it, the second half of the game's filled with those.

    I won double tickets to it X3 was SO AWESOME OAO I loved it so so much!
    Well, Zelda's rescued by some "agent of the Goddess" (note: not Goddesses, but GODDESS), and we just know that she avoided the clutches of the villains. And YES this is the game where the Master Sword is formed. :3~
    Nah, I kind of understand where you're coming from. Roxas was treated unfairly in Days, and arguably the Organization as well. To people like you who care about them, Days must've been a let-down. I just really don't think that Xion deserves being a scapegoat.
    I mean... if Nomura REALLY had anything more to do with them, he would've. Days could've easily had more content put in it without removing or changing anything that had to do with Xion. They just chose not to - is my view on the matter. That, and by having ties to Riku as well, Xion made Days worthwhile on the long term, beyond the Organization and Roxas because she messed Sora and Riku up for games to come. Roxas couldn't have done that.

    I hope you do know I'm with you on that one. My disdain with what she said when we did see her aside, if a character is already in existence in the KH-verse, I should hope they do better with her than try and pretend she's someone's romantic interest and bring all of her importance from that alone, while in the meanwhile creating two lookalikes to try and base that because they can't be bothered with making the girl herself important enough to explain direct interaction with Sora :V

    What irks me about this is well known - Riku being a Keyblade-less Wielder did WONDERS to his character. But that's because he had enough concept to him BEYOND the Keyblade to keep him going. If Kairi does end up as a Keyblade Wielder that actually does anything with it, I can only hope they do so in the next saga and not the current one. It's just... too late in this one. Anything they try will feel half-assed and forced. Something along the lines of "oh noes, we're finishing the saga!" "Quite, someone Deus-Ex-Machina Kairi so we can say we did something with her in this saga!"
    Part of why I enjoyed Re:Coded was that she wasn't there. And it's not pettiness nor vindictiveness - it's just that with how forced it felt in CoM, how easily explained around she was in Days (seriously; it's just timing on Namine's part that gave Xion her face :V) and how UGH it was in KHII (they basically admitted she's being kidnapped for the sake of being kidnapped - could've easily been Selphie or Sora's mother but alas Kairi's the only one from DI they introduced before) it was refreshing seeing how they just... didn't try when it wasn't needed. By the time we finally did get her mention, it felt natural, and useful as it gave D-Sora another example of torment beyond just Riku's. Her being mentioned had MERIT.
    I'd much prefer that they go with her being a Pure Light'd Wielder so Xehanort'd try to use her to construct the X-Blade. Hell, with the couple of Vanitas-Riku relation theories out there, we might be looking at a potential Riku-Kairi clash. That'd be golden. But she won't have to be anything beyond what we already saw her, and that's decent writing.
    I still think that the part with her in TLTW is from KHII, personally, but time will tell.

    There's a long way to go from that to Ven's hisses, snarls and shouts.

    I want it to come back as Tron: Legacy and have Riku team up with Sam and kick major ass.
    ...I have to say, seeing some Xion-affection from you is refreshing =w=;;;

    Oh you mean like that small cutscene that could've been so easy to give us of her reuniting with Riku and what went on with Namine there?
    ...I know you like the girl, but they don't really bother with her :V
    And if I'm being too anti, let me know ._. don't wanna derail this or offend. Just... being honest on a professional term, I guess.

    Lul wot? She was being angry but all around civil to polite with Axel and even SAIX. Sure she wanted to fight him but she never lost her temper like that.

    Like you said - given that he didn't know they were the bad guys.

    Beast's Castle was one of the best worlds in KHII imo. That and Space Paranoids, not only because I loved it to bits (watched the movie AFTER, to top it all - gosh, the Sora/Tron hug ;A; <3) but also because they tied it into the Ansem/Xehanort plot, referenced the whole mistaken identity bit and then revealed the world's true name. RELEVANCE. GLORIOUS RELEVANCE.
    Again, it's only theorized/incredibly likely that we'll see the Hylian Kingdom be founded in SS. In response to the 3 Goddesses; that doesn't necessarily mean they formed the Kingdom; only the world and physical being of Hyrule. The KINGDOM could still be formed by the people of Skyloft. As for Zelda, I don't know whether or not she'll be needing of rescue; we learned from one of the demos that Zelda actually managed to avoid capture, but we don't know where exactly she is.
    You can tell I haven't played it in a while...

    Well, today was my last day of school, and I am quite happy with this! Now I can devote my summer to my usual activities of doing nothing and roleplaying about nothing! Yay! :D
    I doubt it. Both because of the painful reality that so far, Kairi's been left out generally (even her being mentioned in Re:Coded felt like a mandatory mentioning more than anything of any true value, a reason to add her journaly entry since there was no romantic interest this time around who supposedly replaced her), as well as that torment being already solved, and far too different than what Vens' going through. Ven's torment isn't only that his Heart seems to have left his vessel, but his Heart's very condition.

    I do agree that's a similarity between them but that's where it ends, imo. Especially in the second half of the game. Ven's far too aggressive and violent to be even close to Kairi, who seems to be more of a "true" pure PoH (makes sense - she is one).
    Well, that and the Terra obsession. But as opposed to Kairi who should've shown at least concern for Riku, he does seem to accept Aqua exists and is only concerned for Terra because... well, he should be concerned about. Overall I really do feel the 'Sora' in him, especially when compared to KHII or more closely, CoM Sora. On one hand an adorable, smilie kid, on the other hand a violent fighter out for blood. All around, he cares for the people near and dear and will go the distance for them, even willing to sacrifice himself for them.

    I prefer to think that the only ones who are really similar are Sora and Ven for obvious reasons. Kairi's too different from Aqua and Riku managed to outsmart Terra even as a kid so they're different enough by levels of barttiness xD
    That aside, Sora's quite more trusting than Terra. Terra didn't really intend to take Snow White's Heart and was only in it for a clue about Xehanort. Similarly with Hook, he was only there to "protect the Light". Sora might've been fooled for real, as much as I do love the kid. He's just truly innocent like that. See Ven helping the Evil Queen by picking up her apple. Now that's honestly helping the bad guys.

    Goofy's a Knight (something I'm not sure is unheard of in Disney canon) and, uh, Epic Mickey? This IS Disney canon.

    I'll rephrase it a bit about KH to show how I see it.
    More so than use the actual movie, they used the world introduced in that movie. Wonderland, the Coliseum (the movie came in more in KHII), Halloween Town - there was barely a mentioning of the movie's plot in that world in KH. Neverland? That world was 100% Sora and Riku oriented.
    But in KHII they didn't have how to connect the worlds to the overall plot so they went by the movies, giving us mandatory Org/Heartless battles at the end.
    Link and Zelda are from a place above the clouds called Skyloft; the Hylian kingdom hasn't been established at this point in the Zelda timeline. ;) But that said, it appears Zelda is a priestess or something of that nature in this game. Either way, I believe it's been confirmed these two are the original Link and Zelda, and I believe they may end up founding the Hylian kingdom at the end of the game together (apparently romance has been confirmed for this game).
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