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  • Well, in a since you're right: that's EXACTLY what sort of role Zelda plays in this game! :D
    Oh I know that. It does work, but what gets me hooked is Neal Schon's flamenco-esque guitar solo that kicks off the song at 0:50. Love that part to bits! ><

    That said, I am SO excited for the upcoming Zelda game: Skyward Sword!!!! 8D
    To be fair if we look at Kairi's vessel as a possible entity, she wasn't quite comatose. She was a lot more along the lines of what Ven was when Vanitas was torn out of him, and Roxas and Xion before they regained enough Memories - which might be the true issue here, her lacking any Memories to make her move, more so than lacking her Heart. The vessel wasn't quite "comatose" - it was just nonresponsive.
    That's another interesting question. The vessel was "tormented". But one has to wonder if the Heart did, seeing how it took shelter inside Sora's vessel. One can argue that Kairi was in fact still whole for the duration of KH, because her Heart was hidden inside a vessel - Sora's. It adds up with Namine even being created.
    So yeah. Given Nobodies? I really do think it makes sense how it's the vessel's torment.

    I actually doubt that SE could've done so much with the Princesses. Disney's the one with the rights over everything, after all :V
    Yeah, the reason it even took that long was because of the intro. If they kicked the song off at 0:50, it'd demand your whole attention from the get-go. That said, it's probably my favorite Journey song now~ <3333333333333
    Silly, I posted the link in that post :p

    I find that bit to be weird since they were talking more about her vessel, way it seemed to me. She lost her Heart - implying that the 'whole' was still the vessel. Which makes a bit of sense, since most empty vessels either fade away or become Nobodies - who aren't quite the Somebodies anymore.
    In that sense I agree since it's something that was never before explored. Eraqus and Xehanort's vessels both faded away, and everyone else became Nobodies. So Kairi's the only one in the series whose vessel remained in-tact.
    I can imagine that'd be quite the torment for the poor thing, seeing how some sense of self still remained in it, even as an empty shell. But if that's the case, it's a torment that much like Riku's, was concluded in KH1 - Kairi regaining her Heart and Riku regaining his senses from the Darkness.

    The other Princesses need to have been from movies not from the start of the last century xD;
    *slaps you with a large trout*
    You have impeccable timing.

    I always took that "That's right, we were together" to tie more into Sora telling everyone what happened more so than Kairi realizing it. At most, if she was aware, I don't think she remembers too much of it.
    Again, Sora could've just sugar-coated the whole thing. He seemed to have done that to himself along the road, moving from wanting to beat Riku up just as badly as Riku wanted to do it to him, to having a friend that needed saving. So either way, Kairi's behavior still doesn't add up to me. But that's nothing new.
    WIFEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D *glompage* <3333333333333333333333333333333333333

    We haven't spoken in AGES!!!! T~T
    Wut up? :3
    The question is how much Kairi knows Riku did. If, when explaining things to Leon and everyone, Sora conveniently neglected to mention all the EVIL Riku did, and basically summed it up to "tried to save Kairi, he was possessed, gotta save him", then Kairi has no reason to neglect what he's done, especially since she saw with her own eyes him popping up in HB to hold XH back.
    But that really depends on if she was aware during KH, what Sora told Leon and such, and as with most things Kairi - it's underdeveloped and never again bothered with :V

    You really did like the RiKai fic, didn't you?
    Disregard the post above the other. It is totally inconspicuous and in no way part of an aborted evil plot.
    Can Donald even learn Curaga? ... Whatever.

    So, 'sup wit' 'chu, my home slice? *bad white rapper impersonator's voice*
    Three people just died from crushed lungs! I hope you're happy!


    Though everyone else was very impressed by your glompishness, and no one liked those three people anyways.
    Ya know, I have to wonder... about Cinderella and Snow White ditching Terra and Ven for the cliche, personality-less princes.
    ...Kairi picking Sora over Riku who went to such lengths in KH to retrieve her Heart? :I unless she knows something the story isn't telling, I'm ready to blame this on a PoH complication XD;;;
    To be nitpicky, just because a couple if widely accepted in the fandom doesn't mean it makes sense to everyone. The very example you brought is good for this case as well. Iono, I'd need to at least give an introductory paragraph if it were me, showing generally how it came to happen.
    And Selphie also wanted to share a Paopu with someone better than Tidus and Wakka - gee, with her basically marrying-off Riku and Kairi, who else might she be thinking about?
    But then I suppose I take this sort of thing for granted because that's kind of incorporated into my writing style. I like a good introductory paragraph if nothing else xD;;; like in that RiKai/SoNami I wrote that you liked - RiKai's basically factual in it but I did present the process Kairi underwent through which she got from liking Sora to liking Riku.

    Well, Axel/Larxene isn't really crack so you're bound by the confinements of canon - and sadly, Axel's less than interested in there. But with Demyx/Kairi you don't have that sort of "hindrance", and have a lot more freedom of action.
    You have outglomped me. Truly, you are the grand ruler of all glompishness.
    I don't think it has so much to do with crack. I've done crack before, but it flowed, at least in my mind, because I really thought they meshed well.
    My Sora/Selphie (not THAT crack but still) is a good example - I really think she has a thing for him and he's open enough for it, so it flowed o:
    I never plan everything out to the letter. I just let it flow. If I need it, I close my eyes and imagine it, thinking 'would they do/say this?' and then write it down on paper.
    Yeah, 's why I short-fic'd it. You know me - I rarely short fic unless I need to get some instant inspiration out, like with Advice and Crayola Smiles (that former one was a surprise!meme I asked from Sign xD).
    I can't say I get writer's block though since it plans out in my head long before I get around to writing it @A@
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