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  • I know, their high standards are very attracting though! And their previous RPs have only gotten nothing but great reviews, so it adds to their "prestige" I suppose =D
    Mine is taking forever because there's to many ideas going through my mind and her bio is what's keeping me stuck a little, lol
    I do have her name (Kexni), weapon, ability, physical description, and her theme lol
    Me too but millions of AkuRoku fangirls say otherwise
    Then you'll love the next chapter

    The AU version of Roxas known as Ben thinks of Akuseru (AU Axel) as a faggot xD
    lol give some love to Los Sincorazones too! It has some Akuroku AU one sided love right there!

    And I will write the SoNami fic...eventually.
    Por favor, read my fanfic...I need some love over here
    Um, hi Org. *waves timidly*

    Uhh, I wrote something that I think offended some of the guys back in the Sora/Namine fanclub (I replaced the post with an apology), and if you're a member and you read what I posted before I edited it, I just want to say I'm incredibly, incredibly sorry for it and I ask for your forgiveness if your mad at me. T_T Please say you're not mad at me. Please? ;__________________;
    Well, it will be in Identities (when I get that up. I'm going to do Timefixer and Larxene and 14 first) The first 2 seasons anyway.

    Do you want a teaser for the Lost chapters?
    I just hate having finals when I get BACK from break. they could have timed it better. I still have my Spanish midterms to study for, and my English, and my Philosophy.

    I don't want to study. But I don't know what I would do without it.

    I also just hate getting sick.

    How's life for you?
    Better. I slept it off. But it was MURDER when I had it (and I had a test I had to study for!)
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