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  • (glomp)

    ORGY!! Know what? I'm never calling you that again.

    Anyway... I've been waiting for you? (holds up blood axe)
    I feel accomplished now XD

    And again, thanks for the input 83 didn't wanna sticky something that sucked XD
    Do you see what I did there now?

    I like the RP that your making!
    I hope my template for Xion is good enough =D
    It's more like when Walt was talking about making it, he was very much against a story there, since they could never get it to with one. so eventually the story was basically "this is a place for the ghosts that lost their homes" with the bride in the attic being the only remnant of the plans for a story. This bride got turned into Constance recently, and her canon is restricted to the attic.

    With Phantom Manor, there is a canon, but what it is so vague it could really be without one. PM canon is this phantom killing a man, then chasing this bride who ages, then dies pointing the way out. The phantom tries to catch us but fails. Who anyone is, though, is up to question.

    Some rides work great with a story, some rides don't. PM/HM is one that doesn't. Particularly if it has nothing to back it up.

    Choc's a reimagineer though http://imagineerebirth.blogspot.com/ so she sees things a bit differently then I do.
    It's our one argument. I do take some fan names for simplicity (like Emily instead of The Old Bride) but that's about it.

    I don't like how she insists it is canon, when there is nothing to back it up.

    I'm kind of a fan of canon, not fanon. (hence why more stories take place after KH2 and stuff like that)

    These are Madam Leota's lines. It just bugs me that they spin this whole story about how she was Master Gracey's lover who was jealous of his bride so she kept on killing them off and cursing inhabitants so they died. Then Master Gracey managed to defeat her, but died after with Emily... And how the Alligator lady was his first wife, and how Little Leota was Master Gracey's and Leota's illegitimate child. Just from summoning? Look, I love speculation, but I like a little fact to back it up.

    But then Choc insists that it is canon. It isn't. the only bits in HM that ARE canon are that Constance killed 5 people, Madame Leota is a spiritualist, and there are ghosts everywhere.
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