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    I've been gone for over a month, but now I'm BACK! What's been happening? Did you see "Alice in Wonderland" yet??
    OH NO! Not the chill of impending DOOM! O_O
    Constance: *cackles and swings axe*
    Me: *grabs Demyx and Mel's arms* Run!!

    Um, something DemLarx-ish? We missed DemLarx Day! :'C

    I had a feeling that she would be proven wrong! Nah, it's not cheesy depending on how you do it; especially she acts snarky or just stares in shock, thinking, "Holy crap, it IS real."

    I say YES! :D It sounds like a fun idea! We're going to have to do a lot of planning though, so that our chapters match each other in terms of PoV.
    Me: Hi Prudence! Care to show us the way out?
    Demyx: *walks in* Yikes, a ghost! RUN, RUN AWAY!

    I'm looking forward to it! Hmmm, let's see, what would get you motivated to write it?

    Nah, it's okay. I just think that Larxene's very cold and cynical, so she wouldn't believe in fairytales or the type of true love implied by the paopu fruit.

    Oooo, I really like the second idea! So you would write the story from Demyx's PoV, and I'd write Larxene's? That sounds like fun! I'd love to do that!
    Oh! So it's Prudence? Well, she's not a stranger, so I'm all for asking for directions!

    That's okay. I've been too busy to post anything either. Wait to get the motivation! I can't wait to read Demyx's reaction, since Axel basically told them that Larxene was safe and he'd seen her himself.

    It's such a wonderful word! Squeeshippery!!! :D

    I'm glad you like it! I'll have to work on a plot for that one too then. And your idea is interesting too, though I imagine Larxene would openly scorn at the paopu idea first before just going along with it to humor him. And of course I'm interested in writing a WFM! fic! What's your idea?
    Yes, people do seem to blow things out of proportion the moment drugs (Other than Alchohol/Tobacco/Caffeine) are mentioned. It's actually kind of sad how people make a larger deal out of drugs than murder in some places, yes? Those places being, some parts of the U.S.A apparently?

    Oh well. I can't think of anything else to say.
    Hey, you've got VMs now.

    Great. I can talk to you more easily now. Alright... so.

    I figure I should ask this, as I've been wondering for a while, What's your opinion on the meaning of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?
    Idk...we're not supposed to talk to strangers! :O Especially strangers that look semi-transparent, hold knives, and look like demented versions of Alice in Wonderland!

    I just want to wait for Twi to post again so I have a general idea of how this is all going down, whether or not Axel will try to escape, and whether or not Pluto will be with him. Then I can post as Ramsley.

    Oh, I just figured that was what it meant at first. Yay for squeeshippery! :D (I love that word btw!)

    All right, thanks! Oh, and I was talking to Twi about possible Larxel fics, of all things, when I thought up an idea for yet another DemLarx one-shot! She was saying how it'd be funny to see Larxene trying to fly in Neverland because Larxene is severely lacking in the faith and trust department, and that gave me the idea of her going on a mission with Demyx, where he'd be better than her at something for a change with flying! What do you think?
    Idk...is it safe to ask for directions?

    Indeed she is! :D But I'm figuring that if Ramsley discovers that Constance is gone, then goes to Madame Leota and finds out that she's got Axel, he'll decide that Axel is no longer a threat and releases Alice to go hunt down Roxas.

    No, you're not weird! I'd want to know the same thing! Okay, I'll say that I liked Demyx under the spotlight the best. And that Larxene was in the sky watching him, because it was like she was watching him from the afterlife or something.

    Give me some time and I'll see if I can get to it ASAP!
    Good question...

    BTW, due to an unforeseen twist in events in the RP, I may have Ramsley setting Alice loose earlier than planned, so you can do more with her! And yes, it should be a good boss battle, and pretty scary for Roxas too, given the mental state of Alice!

    He's just going to be extra-protective of his close friends and doesn't like having them out of his sight after that.

    Awww, what a cute picture! Good job! :D

    I'll work on it when I next get a decent break!
    Working on some story stuff, and a post for Commission (yep, I broke down and Joined. I'm a Reaper!)
    Larxene: Oh ALL RIGHT. Just to get you kids to stop whining! *opens back door*
    Me: YAY! Thank you Larxene! *zooms out*

    Most definitely; she'll have Larxene AND Roxas after her! Sure, Alice can be a boss battle too! Yes, I expect it will be mind-scarring, but not permanently, especially when Namine ends up erasing Roxas's memories in KH2.

    Oh yes, me too! You should see my delight every time I find a love song that I think matches Kaimyx! I listen to it over and over and over again...and that's just for Kaimyx. I have favorite songs for all my other favorite pairings too!

    *tackleDemyx/Larxeneglomp* You're welcome!!! :D!! Of course, it helps that the story's told from Larxene's PoV, and I'm now going to change some of the details so that it fits with the Days storyline prior to CO.
    Uh-oh! Maybe Larxene can help??
    Larxene: Not if it means that you guys'll delay your posts again!
    Me: But Larxene, I have so much I have to do...
    Larxene: You think I'm the one to listen to excuses? HA!

    Oh dear. Well anyways- yes, she will definitely be furious! For boss battles...I'm not sure yet. Maybe Zexion if Roxas finds out that he was responsible for what he thinks is Axel's death. Or heck, maybe one of DiZ's creations because he'll want to save Namine when he enters the mansion again and hears her calling for him.

    You should've told me, I love that song and I listen to it all the time- I could've easily told you the name of the artist! Yeah, I see how it could fit them especially Demyx since he's so laid-back and not inclined to "head back to the Milky Way" or something like that! Don't worry, I practically have a playlist when it comes to my OTP!

    Okay, I will write it then, just for you!
    Hai-lo :DDDD
    Well I have to go in 4 minutes for school (ewww) but other than that I'm fine and you?

    Sure, go for it! And oh yes, Roxas will do all he can to stop her; no one messes with his buddies!

    I love that song!! (Funny, I always associated it with Demyx/Kairi, but it could probably work for both.) About the fic itself, I had it all written out, but I lost it when my laptop went kaput. And then I wasn't sure whether to repost it or not, because the plot itself was unintentionally similar to the flashback that you wrote for the RP, the one where Demyx says goodbye to Larxene before she leaves for CO.
    Well, she's basically a really powerful, unstable weapon that Ramsley would rather not set free unless he has to! But I think what he'll do is sic her on Cloud and Roxas. Not Axel, because Zexion wants that honor, and not Demyx, because Constance would go on a rampage. But nothing's stopping him from going after Cloud, Roxas, and Riku/Xion/Mickey when they eventually show up.

    Because we're not posting...?

    Sure, can I hear it?
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