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  • oh no :3 it's the Roleplay Game that we host here :3 it's in black lettering right next to the chat link... it says RPG...
    Hi, the name's Brol or Dygado, anyway i just wanted to remind you that the RPG is up and you should go check it out! it's tons of fun and there's alot of clans willing to recruit new members! You should at least check it out!
    Hey well I'm leaving tomorrow for vacation so I probably won't be able to get on again until like 3 weeks. I'll talk to you again when I'm back!
    Haha I'm avoiding packing, I leave tuesday. Other than that I'm just listening to music
    Wow lol. I just have one dog, he's a mini jack russell. He's hyper and crazy and likes to eat grass and anything else we leave on the floor xD
    Yeah he's cute lol. Except when he goes crazy. Which is like half the time >.< So do you have any pets?
    GBA CoM is a lot of fun, enjoy it. And me, I'm getting ready for bed actually myself.
    No he already ate. Idk he kinda fell asleep on my foot so he shut up xD
    Yeah lol. Omg my dog won't shut up!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry it's really bugging me he's just sitting there whining for no reason!
    lol yeah I'm the youngest too. But being the youngest sucks too b/c my older brothers pretty much hate me 3/4 of the time
    my dad is from a family of 15 kids lol. That's why. Yea so I went to the amusment park today with my friend and wed were waiting in line then her mom texted her and shes was like "wheres your sister!!??" and she had been watching her before so we looked all aroudn teh park for her sister and her sisters friend and the line was just really long and thye had been on the ride the whole time. And thne her mom yelled at her for some reason. It sucked
    On my dads side i have like 40+ I dont even know all my uncles and aunts lol xD
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