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  • Yeah but its cool b/c we have a lake house except it gets super crowded because we share it with my extended family. And i have like 15 cousins on that side so mostly i get the floor
    i leave tuesday!! how long will you be gone? I leave for 3 weeks. seriously i'm going to go crazy
    Haha yep. Gosh I'm so bored!!! This summer is boring!! I can't wait to go on vacation except there's going to be no internet. for 3 weeks. It'll be horrible
    kh2 probably. I just liked the story so much even though there were some crappy parts but i cant really remember kh1 b/c i havent played it in years.
    Hey again! what's up? my friend got a foreign exchange student from china and we've been hanging out with her like 24/7 its so fun. whats your favorite kh game?

    Yay for pokemon!
    I'm addicted to all pokemon games, and my little brothers are additced to animal crossing XD
    I can't play online games 'cuz my computer sucks D:

    358/2 Days is gonna be awesomeness! Can't wait for it to come out ~

    What characters are you going play as?
    Howdy hey there, newbie! Hope you have fun here! Need anything you just drop me a line
    Right on! I'm working on it. Kinda in a writer's block period. But what I usually do is block out everything for a bit and get my creative juices flowing.
    Oh yeah, it will definitely help you out on the forums as well. Meet new people, try to expand your writing. it's a win-win, really.
    Oh, you definitely should dude. I'd be more than happy to read it and help you out in any way possible.
    Yeah, i'm an anime watcher and manga reader, lol.

    My username is actually from Naruto :p

    And I agree with you about the subtitles, I find them rather annoying also.

    I used to watch Dragonball Z when I was about 6 years old, after I got home from school, so I don't remember it that much :/

    Well, what about video games?

    Are there any video games that you're really into, or just enjoy?
    Haha exactly. I'm hoping I can just clean up the plot for my story soon enough, so I can finally start progressing further into the story. I don't want to share it until I manage to get a solid portion of it done first.
    Yeah. I am working, as I said, on an original story with a plotline and whatnot. Might finish the Kingdom Hearts fanfic I started like 2 years ago, but I kind of want out of the fanfic stage.
    Yeah. I actually did a lot of creative writing in school and whatnot, had some my english teacher from freshman year look it over. He says it is solid, but those are usually rather personal short stories I may not be comfortable sharing with more than a few people, so I need to work on that.

    And thank you very much xD
    Haha yeah. My school sadly has no art program and a shitty music program, so I tend to do everything in those categories on my lonesome. My writing has improved while at my shcool though, and that is the career path I would like to take.
    Oh Itotally get what you mean. I can't seem to be able to do something as simple as the silhouettes though. most of my work looks like it was done by a 9 year old with a broken hand haha.
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