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  • Ya, and your from the same world as, Ryu, Lerane, Loen, Rio, and Kage.


    Loen - was last seen in the door to darkness.

    Lerane - is still in twilight Town, waitng for them to come home.

    Kage - has now moved away since he was cured of darkness, and stays in Traverse Town

    Ryu - is in Treasure town trying to get his mind back on track.
    Well everyones all over the place

    every other Unborn seems to be going around various worlds. You could have your character appear in Traverse Town, which Anorgos their leader, and Angel, Kairo and possibly Eros, which are all three generals, and I think Nemo which is a Captain, are all on that world, which is currently been attacked by lower Unborns. Sorrow, another Captain, has gone to the world of Treasure Town I think, while Harmonia, the last Captain has just finished dealing with a keyblader. You can really have your new lieutenant appear anywhere you'd like for a start, even in the Unborns tower on their Home world.
    we imagine the dots as spaces EX
    so...........whats up?
    then it ends up like:::::: so whats up--so do you get it?
    Lolz me too, just got my school supplies and it's reminding me so much of school I had to lock them in my closet xD
    Hey!! It was really good! I've actually been back for a while though lol.
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