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  • Well I was going to get back into roleplaying soon, and I write. I actually have been working on an original story, but the first chapter is no where near ready to be put up on the site. I try drawing and making digital graphics, but i sstill need some work. xD
    Haha yeah. I mean, I'm personally not the biggest Kingdom Hearts fan around, but I enjoy talking about it. And I'm not very religious either, but it is a very well rounded forum. Are you into role-playing, writing, or art at all? If you are, the sections for them here are all very solid. I'd suggest checking them out man.
    Dude you seem like you're doing very well on the site friend wise. How do you like it here thus far?
    Aww great :3
    Well one fun little doohickey we have is the skin changer at the bottom. :3
    There's a lot of nice variations on them, iunno if you want to check those out, hehe.

    Also you could get a sig, go to the digital media section to the requests subforum and there's tons of shops that would make one for you~
    I work in one called The Stars Are Shining Graphics.
    and uh yeah. shameless advertisement.
    Lol cool! How'd you like it? I found thought that it was okay except that it lacked harry's scar, harry's green eyes, the half blood prince backround, and fight, but I thought it was really funny, especially ron when he got the love potion lol
    Nm just making some sigs. I'm really tired too, I saw the HP movie at midnight last night and I didn't sleep much after. If I get off it's becuase I fell asleep xD
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