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  • I think you'd do great there! 8D Hopefully you get it!

    I'm gonna head onto bed now, it's 2am for lol. o3o Goodnight, goodluck with gamestop.
    I haven't even used it, so I don't know.

    Cool! :D Well, I like anime, drama TV shows like Law and Order, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, Burn Notice, and White Collar (Mainly because of Matt Bomer's incredible acting and his ability to pull off the impossible..:3 ). I play video games like Assassin's Creed series, Batman: Arkham series, Infamous series, Kingdom Hearts series, Sly Cooper series, and Uncharted Series. I dislike music mainly due to me being deaf. :/
    I see.. Well, they should give it for free. xD People can't even pay for it, you know? :/

    xD yeah.

    So, Mimi, what else do you like? :)
    Then they need to grow up and handle the shit like adults instead of taking it out on others.
    But there has to be a catch... Right? I mean, you pay more because of the subscription?

    Yes, yes, that's what I had. xD
    I still don't get the focus on Netflix.. I still don't. xD

    Yep! ^_^ They even used my club as making lovey-dovey. x'D Mind you, I was okay with it at first, but after few weeks, I told them to tone it down.. otherwise, it's making me feel sick. xP
    :D I actually watched the first season, second season, third season, and fourth season while I was growing up until I kind of forgot about the series until the release of the full seasons of first, second, and third so far. :3

    They are cute together online, but they're making plans to finally meet each other in person! ^_^ Turns out they are from different states, but it's close enough to meet. Probably close to the border, I would think.
    lol Alright. xD
    I tend to read words wrong sometimes. xD
    >u> NAUGHTY~

    Long as it was all black ink it should be fine. =D It's easier to find in stores.
    :D Mimi.. Sounds like you're from Digimon. x3 I hope you know what I meant by it.

    That he is.. You should meet his girlfriend, Kaga; she's nice too, but shy. ^_^
    I dont mind pervy comments long as they dont go to far. xD
    OHHHHH That makes sense. >u>
    lawl You naughty. x'D

    I'd hope so! 6 pages for one would be madness. xD
    Hello~ :3 The name's Roxie. :) Pleased to meet you.

    You seem to like to talk with Blades, huh? He's pretty nice guy to be around.
    xD lol That's good! Strong will! >=D
    Shattered? o_0
    o3o I find keeping porn on ones phone or even computer rather perverted and I'm not comfortable with the idea of it.

    6 pages!? o_0 that's madness. xD
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