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  • Randomness rules! XD I'm the same, though I'm kinda desensitized to the goryness. :3 I especially love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. Yeah, I'm a nerd. XD;
    Aww, I'm sure inspiration will come at some point! You draw? :3 I'll have to check out your stuff when I have a better connection. XD I like to read, write, play games, and watch movies. :)
    ;3 Course they do, they gram cookies~

    I see, it's one of those with a great divide. xD
    Im doing good, kinda bored though. And struggling to keep connected. DX Aww, I'm shy in real life, so I made it a point not to be on here. :3 What kind of stuff are you into? :D
    Aw sorry, I'd let you play 1.5 with me if I could. ;n;

    =3 I haven't played many FFs. Which one is VIII again?
    ^-^ Your welcome.

    Alright I suppose, my greatest accomplishment is beating xemnas in 1.5 xD
    how about your day?
    ^-^ lol Hi!

    lol I hate that letter cap, as a gesture I'll tell you how to get by it~ ;D All you do hold down the space bar between the last letter and the period/question mark at the end of a sentence until there's a huge space between them and it'll post.

    Kinda like this:

    lol Wut ?
    No prob. If you ever have another question or concern, feel free to ask me, another mod, or refer to the FAQ/ Ask a Mod thread
    Hey I put your pic in spoiler tags for you, so no worries

    For future reference, if you want to put something in spoiler tags, you have to type;

    [ SPOILER= your title ] your pic/text [ /SPOILER]

    but without the spaces
    Sorry for closing the thread right after you posted, we had to for some internal reasons. But feel free to post your photo again in the new thread. :p
    Your welcome, Mimi! Oh, I know but still they are amazing! The inking you did on them makes them stand out a lot. Gosh they are just brilliant and you have style! Will you let me know when you have some new art work up? Cause I would love to see it! :]
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