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  • B-but Patience alludes me. x'D
    Really!? *u*
    Did the other series have small green particles by chance? =3
    lol That's good! =D I like your drawings~ TnT B-but I know so little shows, that's all I got.
    lol I've seen other gundams and I didn't like them. The closest I'd consider to be worth seeing is 00.
    \^3^/ Thats great!!

    D= Aw sorry to hear that. I love cloudy~ Y-you've never....DW or...Magica?....I...I......
    Did you like it!? Gundam Wing is the only one I like. xD
    \^o^/ I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack~ How is mimi today? ouo
    Do anything fun? Eat a cookie? Is your sky blue? Ever seen a doctor who? Ever watched Puella Magica? Ever watched Gundam wing!? Pinched nerve feeling better?
    It's perfectly fine! I had to sleep anyways, seeing as I'm 3 hours ahead of you. XD I'm Michael.:3
    Aww. :C Well heres hoping it gets better soon. I'll just call you Mimi if you prefer that. I think its nice cuz its unique, I don't think I've heard that one before. :) Awww I'm sorry.
    It's fine, are you ok? D: Noemi, huh? Nice name ^_^ Yeah, they can be, but when you have one they're adorable.:3 Thanks. ;_; *hug back*
    I'd have asked what his problem was. xD

    That's why, unless their in the front, I tell them to pull them. It saves later pain.

    *sighs* I got morning shift so I have to leave now. =[ Sorry to go after you just got here....hope your pain goes away completely see you tomorrow! x3
    lol The doctor didn't have to do the dramatic pause. x'D

    Me neither! I've done had to have cavities pulled. Dx
    xD lol It may have just hit you all at once.

    lol Thats good, be bad to have to get it cut out. Dx
    =O Pinched nerve!? lol Least you was out. That's good that your feeling better then. ^-^

    Only half!? o_0
    \^o^/ I see that, yay~~~

    Hospital!? You okay? *o*
    I'm fine, wisdom tooth is coming in though. Dx
    Is it part of your real one? Chihuahuas are cute. :3 My stepdad used to have one, but he got out and well... Spike's in a better place now. :(
    You're very welcome! ^^ Do you prefer to be called Mimi on here? :3 And daww, I love dogs! :) Poor Chihuahua!
    *hugs* ^-^

    You can speak korean on top of english and spanish!? ゚ Д゚ Amazing....
    Good luck! I'm sure you'll get it!

    *yawns* ol Gram is sleepy now. TnT it's 2am for me.....think I'm goona go to bed, goodnight. o3o
    *pats back* There there. TnT

    Kpop? lol That's good! I like the enthusiasm~ ^u^
    Wouldn't you be afraid of north korea attacks? *o*

    Good, nothing is more of a troll than THE ROCK! xD
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