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  • The Villain design is supposed to be based upon Apocalamon the last enemy in the first season of Digimon
    Well, s'up to you as to where you come from really. If you want to be from Suburbia, that's fine with me. ^w^ And, the weapons are around as powerful as some of the common military grade weaponry in armies today. Most commoners can only get their hands on more basic guns, though, and it's expensive to maintain due to the whole situation of the world. They could be a bit odd, perhaps a pistol multi-tasking as a knife, but nothing as extreme as some of what's in Final Fantasy.
    Zer Gniserf... A time of frigid temperatures but, of advancement. Mankind, now dwelling in cities that are partially buried beneath the ice, are constantly at work with perfecting their machinery. They've rediscovered steam-power and, through use of pre-existing machinery, have been able to make life more comfortable in the icelands. Drilling machines, plovers, machines that create heat, and even motor-driven vehicles have returned to use.

    When it comes to the structure of societies, it varies. On the main continent, there are various dwellings of humans. Some of the major ones are easily identified and seperated from the others.

    Firstly is what we would call in english the 'Spire' [note; the main language is fairly different than English but, English is still in use, especially in technologically advanced areas]. The Spire is easily identified due to the gigantic tower that juts out from the center of it into the sky. It is the only city that exposes even a part of itself to the elements, located in an area somewhat sheltered by a nearby mountain chain that creates a shadow where blizzards aren't as common. It is home to the most advanced vehicles and known for its wide spread, although it doesn't go very deep into the earth as it is heated through machine work.

    Secondly is what is called the 'Roots'. The Roots is a civilization sprawl that goes through a cave system more southernly on the main continent. Although not technologically savvy, it does boast the deepest trails on the planet and experts itself upon weaponry against the common menace of insects.

    Thirdly, and finally for the intents of the roleplay, is what is referred to as 'Suburbia'. It is located next to the western point of the ocean on the main continent, recognized for being submerged beneath the water while still connected to the mainland. It has the highest level of technological advances for the time, having some devices very similar to what was around during Zer Pinnacul although still unable to do anything as advanced as biological adjustments.

    Weapon-wise, Zer Gniserf has mainly explosive items at its disposal, such as guns and mortars, although warfare is rare due to the already constant struggle for survival and need for teamwork. Some rebels do lurk in the snows, however little is known about them asides from the raids they pull using afore-mentioned weaponry on the main cities.
    look at my post under find all posts and look for the kingdom hearts dawn of awaking ooh thread (did that from my ipad)
    then do you want to join mine look up the thread kingdom hearts dawn of awaking ooc thread nobody uses the sign up
    Been trying to find a job, I was hoping to get one before black friday so I can take advantage of all the discounts but Im not going to make it. But hopefully I get one soon either way. Im tired of being broke.

    BTW seems we, and aliahya and blue going to roommates. XD
    Like a group who sticks together, as well maybe live together in a house. Kinda having a family like atmosphere.
    Im creating a small group on the shades of blue, letting you know if you want to join.
    It does get better as it progresses, to each their own I guess. You planning on joining on the Shades of Blue rp?
    Im currently watching Trigun, its a really great show. Thats one of my top favorite animes.
    I havent seen it yet, but Ive heard great things about it since Im busy but hopefully I'll get to watch it soon.
    I like the fact that it crosses over to other stories in different anime series as well, Kobato, xxxHolic, and Chobits.
    Appreciate that. I was implying it but I guess it didnt come across as such.

    Checked your character temp, I love that theme song of Fai. :D
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