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  • lol in your post Kaiju didn't even question that there were hollows running around killing people or how they got there eh??

    So I assume he doesn't care or I missed something where he knows Seru and figured it would join his cause...
    Pretty much just everyone battling their selected monster. some have finished some have not. Basically all ya gotta do is continue your fight and read my latest post so you can have Melissa react accordingly
    I know. its fine. Be sure to post in Soul Eater soon too your up. as well as truky, bone, and Scribbles.
    sorry been at work a lot lately. Its approved. Oh be sure not to over do the singing any man into submission i have to say that....
    Hey, just asking as being an Elite, and us being bad, how soon should we go after the Plates, (As I assume that is how we will summon Arceus)
    Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to continue with the High School Story RP. I mean, that one barely got past the intros!
    what Rp are you guys talking about? I watched a anime kinda like what Tenyas was saying with night classes. Vampire knights i think. it was a good anime....
    Well, I really don't want people revealing what they are this early on to random peeps, especially in daylight. Perhaps you could just go back and edit a couple bits here and there in your posts to make it seem like you had always planned he be in night classes, he just thought he was supposed to be there early like others.
    Well, if you can reason out why he'd be there early in the morning, than sure. I'm fine with that. ^w^
    It's okay :3 I do that too.

    So which Full metal alchemist do you like better? Brotherhood or the original?
    Oh okay and also you posted on your wall. so I hadn't realized you wrote back until a few seconds ago ^^

    Also I'm really tired, so see ya later Alphonse.
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