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  • ok good lol

    just a tad, not much though. An iphone is fatter

    Oh so im guessing you went, was it super duper fun? lol

    I ♥ wrestling! well the fake one lol i just finished wacthing it xP I never mix em up but i did this time
    What!? No way, i like em...just i dont know a lot about them lol

    welll its like squareish and not roundish. And no speaker

    Why tomorrow?? Big partay? Beach? Date?

    From 7 Eleven. I wanted to get the WWE slurpee cups but they ran out lol i had watermelon/blueberry xP
    i dont have a football or basketball court :C

    Oh $20, its either that or the old old one

    Thats not bad, get em!! lol

    Well i been doing good this week, i got a slurpee yesterday xD
    haha i have a sudden urge to try it now xP

    Oh yay! I helped with something lol

    ok, what color of glasses did you want?
    "punches u in the stomach"

    went outside alittle, watched movies i gotta go to school at the end of august
    yeah, cuz the weird shpae of the football

    what about like other sites, ebay? amazon? Idk :/

    hmmm i have no clue, maybe....maybe....idk lol i dont shop much so i dont know stores
    Oh he sounds dreamy lol take a picture! jk xD

    u should play footbasket! lol throw a football into the net

    yeah, i listen to my ipod alllllll the time. It'll get addicting
    oh i knew that already lol

    haha aww thats good. Tell me about her bf, im curious now

    but its still fun, u can play for lulz in the park

    well I LOVE MY IPOD lol i first had a blue ipod nano, then i got a itouch like a year or 2 later. Itunes is good, but they raised the prices from 99 cents to $1.29 but not all the songs are 1.29. and most of my songs i dont buy xP Overall i like it, its good, its great...GEt ONe! lol
    yeah she is, like when she wore that vile of blood with billy bob thorton lol. haha who????

    Awwwww OMG! im guessing ur happy, r u gonna be the over protective brother

    oh yay lol i miss going to the high school football games *random*

    why yes i do lol
    idk, but it has angelina jolie and im guessing u like her, yes? lol

    either sports or a chick....but tell me anyway!
    i knew it was gonna be that one. i just didnt want to make fun of you lol

    i havent seen it
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