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  • *facepalms* Your a guy, so I'm not going to be like, "Seriously?" at you, i'll just explain, its when you hair when its long is cut so that theres layers, like your hair is still a certain length, but the other parts are cut shorter in like a linear way. LIke this:
    haha that be awesome :B

    sooner the better, try and bribe them...like i'll promise to be better in school or give krista $5 lol or something
    I discovered that I hate them too :/ except I only got a trim, its still shorter than before, I only like that I got layers C:
    Hahaha I haven't played that yet xP
    and thats cool! nm I've gone palegreen, and just been hanging out the past few days. Except for a haircut :'C
    bwahahaha! my gma isnt gangsta, but i bet she could if she really wanted to, like a secret one xP

    WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST!!! u have to!!
    lol i helped my gma with a yard sale..i got like 25 bucks :D

    but yeah, real job is a must
    I don't know if you killed it or not lol
    Wii fit plus, wii sports resort, and My Sims kingdom lol.
    that would be like domination cuz both of them wont feel the pressure of being the only big scorer on the team
    Hahaha I like Taco Bell occasionally lol. I buy my own food when I'm like at the mall and stuff with friends :p
    Ohhhhhhhh ok then now I get it lol, thats cool! and I've bought Wii games since Days xP
    aw im sorry, u better force your parents to this "family night" and they better have fun
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