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  • I have to use my dad's credit card to buy online, and I don't think he'll let me buy a game... X( My brother's XBOX 360 broke, and I don't think my dad wants to pay to fix it.
    But I'm happy my brother got Tekken 6, I really wanted to play that too. X3
    Lol pokemon. I like Digimon more! XP I thought he was gonna buy it. He was asking for the reviews but I was too lazy to search for reviews so I said, "Yeah it's awesome." Then he said "That's because you're a KH fan."

    Then I stayed silent. ungggghhhhhh X(
    Uh lol. Here is Malaysia, and my brother went to Japan to study, but now he's back because he doesn't want to study there anymore. And so yes, he knows Japanese. (PSST, we're Japanese.) I know Japanese too. >:D
    I dunno, I want it sooo much, but I duno if it's gonna be sold here... :(((((((
    I should have asked my brother to get it from Japan when he was coming back here...ugh. X( The only BBS related thing I have is the custom theme on my PSP. :eek:
    Oh no, it's alright. There's always a point where we just don't know what to talk about :D And well...I've been in the forums since such a long time ago. And sorry I'm replying late, I had to go earlier. XP
    Rp, forum games...I rarely post in sections other than RP, Forum insanity (Forum games). Sometimes I feel too shy to post, so...yeah. Haha. Hm :p
    Oh okay. I wanted to read Eragon but I ended up never reading it. XP I don't read many fantasy novels though. I'm more into romantic comedy or comedy or...life? I dunno lol. I haven't been reading many books lately anyway.
    Nope, lol. After these exams I'll be done with college and I gotta apply for a uni. Thanks. And good luck in your book report, I quite enjoyed doing those when I was in high school. :D
    Ahahaha I'm in college, and I'll be having my trial exams the week after next. And then I'll be having my final exams on October/Nov. XP I'm gonna die. I'd rather do a book report than have these exams... >,> XO
    I'm sad because I can't get any further than ONE. :(
    Nah just kidding XP um, I'm listening to Christina Aguilera's Woohoo and I don't really like it. :/ But other than that I'm fine. A little bored though.
    When it comes to music I'm an all around person, I don't really have a fav though.But I do enjoy anytihng that's calm and soul soothing.I just don't like Metal or anything hat involves lots of cussing. You?
    that sounds fun, i wanna go swimming now! lol

    ha no way! i dont want to do that lol
    what kind of things? :{O

    lol thats sorta funny but my mom did too, because of my grandpa. And yeah thats gross
    Pretty much fantasy or anything with fiction. I like books that show a strong life moral like The Giver and On My Honor.
    "deflects the attack with my blade then forms a ball of darkness from my hand and throws it at your stomach"
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